I beg to differ...kittens are NOT disposable!

Some shit-stain, rat bastard, turd-for-brains dumped this little angle
in the middle of a busy road in the pouring rain! It was trying to
snuggle up to the curb while lying in a 2" puddle of water. She is so
tiny and obviously still not weaned from her mother. I’ve never had
to bottle feed a kitty before. I just don’t understand how someone
could be so fricking heartless!

On a lighter note, my dogs have really taken to the new addition. The
cat (AKA Queen of the Castle) wants nothing to do with the kitten.
I’ve never had two cats at one time. Do they usually take a bit of
time getting used to one another?

She doesn’t look very angular to me. However, she is very adorable. Kudos to you on taking her in resists urge to coo at picture

Yes, mine always have. Just make sure they aren’t alone together unless you’re around, especially with the little one being so tiny. Most of the time, they’ll at least reach the point where they simply ignore one another. A few times, a cat can completely terrorize the others and need to be given to someone without any other cats.

She’s adorable, by the way.


What a cutie.

One process that’s worked for me is to keep the newcomer in a separate room with the door closed or with a sturdy gate. The cats then can get used to each other’s scent without anybody getting hurt. Gradually introduce them, with you present, and be sure to give lots & lots of attention to the First Cat.

Also, and I’m sure you know this already, do get the newcomer thoroughly checked out by a vet. It would be inconvenient if she introduced fleas or other parasites, and heartbreaking if she were carrying FIV or feline leukemia.

Damn, you beat me to it. I was going to say, “it looks like an acute angle”. :smiley:

Oh well…


blushing I always have to stop and think of the spelling difference of the words angel and angle. Unfortunately I didn’t this time. I am so embarrassed.

We have already been to the vet and received a clean bill of health along with the milk replacement and bottles.

My Great Dane just adores her. She (the Dane) apparently thinks that new kitty needs to be constantly bathed because she cannot keep her tongue to herself. Fortunately kitty doesn’t seem to be scared of the dogs. :slight_smile:

You are plainly stronger than I am, because I still haven’t stopped cooing at the kitty.

That li’l kitty… <sob> facing the rain… <sob> and traffic … <sob> and loss of its mommy… <sob> … has the heart of a champion!

Oh, li’l kitty, can you tell me how to get the most out of life?

(WRT the Queen: You’re supposed to be the queen. Establish dominance and let Queenie know that abusing the weak will not be tolerated by the real power. If the Queen doesn’t take the hint, a little hunger spell never hurt a fat cat.)

This just seems fitting.

This little guy was our kitty which Dave found about a month ago. As I’m really allergic, he went on to a new home with some friends of ours. He was 4 weeks old, and we had to formula feed. Awwww!

What a cute kitten.

I’m happy to see other people taking animals in like that as my family always adopted or was adopted by strays when I was growing up. At one point, we literally had about forty animals in our house and yard and were living in a busy residential neighborhood in the center of a city. Those were some interesting times.

Awwwwww… What a cute little kitty!

I can’t believe someone could abandon a kitten like that. I got our two kitties from a shelter, and I wonder how anyone could have given them up. And this is so much worse than that :mad:

Since you folks have beaten me to all the plane geometry jokes, and I can’t think of any fancy ones…

That is a cute little fuzzer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cute! And good for you, Siberia, for taking her in.

We had a cat show up on our patio on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. He was neutered and declawed and very underweight. My in-laws adopted him and he’s now a big, happy boy.

Yep. I brought a kitten into my place and there followed about two days where the new addition would follow one of our other cats around, with George (the older cat) constantly hissing at our little Hobbes. After about two days of this pestering, George finally succumbed to the little orange ball of cute. However, I’ve heard that female cats, especially ones that have been raised away from other cats, can take a while to accept new cats.

Ooooh, she’s so CUTE!!!

Don’t worry about the other cat-Buffy and Maggie spent Maggie’s first week here hissing at each other, and now they’re the best of friends. Just give it time.

Poor widdle thing. Have you thought of names yet?

She’s just checking to see if the kitten’s ripe yet. :wink:

Definately a cute cat you’ve got there.

Are you sure she’s young enough to need bottle-feeding? It looks like her ears are split - that’s plenty old enough to eat on her own. Obviously I could be not seeing things correctly in the picture. She’s awfully cute, by the way, as if she didn’t know. :wink:

Oh yeah, FU to the person who dumped her. Maybe someone will report him if they saw the license plate.

WTF is wrong with people??? I really hate them sometimes. :frowning:

WAAAAAHH! What a peanut! Lucky guy.

Like I said, sometimes I hate people. And sometimes I love them. Thanks for taking the time to care for a little kit who would probably be dead otherwise. :slight_smile:

What’s UP with that? For all the “dogs hate cats” literature out there anectodal evidence leads me to believe that dogs like new cats a heckuvalot more than cats like new cats. Does it depend on the breed? Are there any studies?