Cats aren't cute


Seriously. That gerbil lying on its back is 10x cuter than all the cats put together. Why are cats so annoying?

Gorram, man! (woman?) Put up a warning when you post a link like that! I almost died of cuteness!

Cats ARE cute. And so are gerbils. And those four little hedgehogs in a row. Heck, even the pufferfish is cute. There’s no finite amount of cute to allocate in the animal kingdom, it’s all good.

That mink holding his little crossbow in the snow is the cutest.

Raccoons are cute, except when they break into my cooler in the middle of the night and steal my cheese.

The one just below the fox in the road – all I can think is “I…I no can has cheezburger?”

Do you has a flavor?

…fighting the urge to squee all over the place. Those hedgehogs are so precious.

The sky isn’t blue

I don’t breathe oxygen

The Earth isn’t round

I think I’m getting the hang of this.

Plants don’t photosynthisize

The pope isn’t catholic.

I agree with the topic of this thread

The internet is a series of tubes

The earth isn’t round.

Dude, that’s “I made you a cookie … but I eated it”!

Because they’re hard to catch? Dogs. MMMMMM. Dogs. They’re easy to catch.

Agh! I almost squee’d myself to death! Too much cuteness in one place! Make it stop!

Pretty much all of those photos are from

Bah! Pocket pets. I don’t know why people bother.

Well, that link crushed the productivity in the workplace today. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

“So I says, I says, that’s no gerbil. That’s my hamster!”
I likes the toad sittin’ in the fence.

I HATE lolcatz. Mostly because when I saw This picture I thought to myself, “I can has nother cheezburger?”

Ahh, I hate myself sometimes.

Heh. I saw that and thought: “I has a flavor”