Cats have been walking on your paper since at least the 15th century

I feel certain that there must be a papyrus somewher with catprints on it. Or a Babylonian tablet. Or something.

I love this. Thank you for posting it.

How do we know that he didn’t force poor Mittens to step in ink and walk on his book, just to fool us all 500-600 years later???

So…just how do you make a cat do pennance for sin?

By definition, gods cannot do penance. :slight_smile:

Right answer!

To the OP, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

I am dubious. If that was a “Real” cat then why isn’t there a kitty butt print and self-satisfied tail sweep smear in the ink?

Because there was a more-interesting writing beyond the book. That one is the one which got the buttprint.

It isn’t just about the kitty - monks take vows of poverty, obedience and chastity.

So there shouldn’t be any pussy at all in that monastery. :wink:

When I was a kid I left a not-yet-dry oil painting sitting on my desk. I came back to find cat prints on the paintingh, and multi-colored oil psaint prints on my desk blotter and the hood of my jacket that was thrown over the nearby chair.

Great timing! The night you posted this, I was alerted by a yell from my wife. Responding, I discovered her firmly carrying a paint-footed kitty toward the bathroom.

She’d been painting a wall, and the cat had strolled through the paint tray and proceeded to saunter across the new piece of IKEA furniture we were still putting together.

Kitty spent the rest of the evening closed in a bedroom. :stuck_out_tongue: But he was only carrying on a centuries-old tradition!

They’re just trying to help - I know my cat “helps” me with pretty much everything I do.

This was my very first thought as well. Though when we were painting kitchen cabinets, we laid them down to dry, and one of the cats walked through, leaving prints. We left 'em, as they were very aesthetically pleasing.

Pangur Ban - a 5th century Irish monk’s cat. I’m hoping it’s okay to post in its entirety since it’s 1200 years old.


Im in Ur Skriptoryum, walkin on Ur Books

Same for me, except it was an acrylic painting on the kitchen table. Since there were three possible culprits, it did not good to throw a temper tantrum.

At one year old Katie has finally learned to not walk on my keyboard - most of the time.

I’ve finally trained my cat to not walk on pkokasefp[ovpjcwm [ej f

When I was a kid my parents built a room addition onto our house. Mom wanted built in bookshelves in the new room. We painted the walls one color, and the shelves another.

Mom made the mistake of leaving the paint tray unattended. Mitten the cat walked through the off-white paint in the tray and jumped up on the dark brown bookshelf. She left perfect little footprints before Mom grabbed her.

We decided to leave the prints. Mitten was a polydactyl, and you could clearly see the extra toes on each foot. The prints were still there when we sold that house, I wonder what the new owners thought?

ha, I see what you did there!