Cats rule the household. Just ask the dog.

Put a cat and dog in the same household. The cat often becomes the dominant pack member.

Size doesn’t seem to matter.


More sleeping cats. No pesky dogs.

Sometimes, the dog is the bed.

A cat rules my household. Just ask me. :smiley:

They look comfortable. :smiley:
Jim Davis certainly captured the relationship between cats and dogs in the Garfield strip. Odie loses every time.

I had two queens once who ended up sleeping on either side of my dog. Once the two saw each other they started fighting … and here’s the poor dog waking up to a cat fight on his belly …

I have over-sized pillows for my bed now so it’s safer for me to sleep these days …

You missed one.

Nothing surprising about this.
Dogs are pack animals: they are evolved to live in groups with a pack leader.
Cats are solitary hunters, while they may live in colonies, those don’t have a leader.

So the dog is genetically wired to be part of a 2-animal pack, with a leader in it, and if the dog can’t be the leader, he must be a follower.