Cat's urine is smelling strong. Any dietary fixes?

Our cat got back from the vet about a week and a half ago (he went outside and got his ass kicked again). His follow-up visit this week had the vet very pleased with his recovery (the entry wound is not infected; the exit wound is completely disappeared).

kaylasmom, meanwhile, has noticed that the urine in his litter box is smelling stronger than it has historically; that is, a LOT more ammonia component to the smell than there used to be. We haven’t changed the type of cat sand in the box (Tidy Cats for multiple cats, with odor-neutralizing crystals), or his food (at-will availability of Meow Mix and plenty of fresh water).

The vet found him to be in excellent health, other than his wound, and injected an antibiotic, as well as administering Advantage flea treatment between his shoulder blades.

Does anyone know if the apparent rise in ammonia in his urine could be fixed by changing his diet at all? Thanks in advance.

How old is he?

I had a kitten foster who had chronic upper respiratory infections, so we did not want to neuter him until he was healthy, we normally neuter at 12 weeks. When he got to around 6 months old, his urine was becoming odorous. We had him fixed and it alleviated the smell.

Lessee, he showed up on our back patio shortly before Thanksgiving, 2009, looking about six-ish months old. So, just about three years old. We had him neutered in March 2010.

Have you asked the vet?

This can be a side effect of some antibiotics. I noticed a similar smell when I was treating my cat with antibiotics for an infected bite.

But mention it to your vet to make sure. The vet may want to run lab tests on a sample of the urine.