Cats, Wool Rug, Scotchguard -- opinions please

This maybe a GQ, but I anticipate debate so…

Okay, so I just got a nice, wool rug. So, I’m slightly stupid – it’s white.

I’ve been reading about carpet care and cleaning, but I’m still not so sure… Should I give the carpet a Scotchguard treament from that foam-in-a-can to protect it from inevitable abuse? (Eventually one of my cats will throw up on it – part of the evil plot of world domination.)

Can Scotchguard do any harm? Are wool rugs better left alone with regular cleaning?

There seems to be a lot of contradictory info on the subject of wool and Scotchguard out on the web, so I thought I’d bring it to the boards. Some on-line sources say “never use Scotchguard!” and others say “Scotchguard is good for preventative treatment.”

Any Dopers with good advice on the matter?

And no “get rid of the cats” answers allowed! (Hey, I might be the one to mess the rug. I don’t expect I’ll ever be throwing up on it, but you never know.)