Handy Dopers, what's the best way to patch my cat scratched couch?

Fortunately, (for lack of a better word) the scratches on my couch are at opposite ends in the same area. So if I do patch, it will look symmetrical and hopefully not completely tacky.

Here’s the thing though, I’m thinking about patching it with something like berber carpeting. That way if the little shits want to continue to scratch my couch, they’re welcome to do so. (Of course with my luck, they’ll find something else to destroy.)

My problem is, I’m not sure what the best way to tack it on is. Should I use tack nails? A staple gun? Glue?

Thanks for any input.

Really? You’re patching it with carpet? And possibly a staple gun?

Pictures please, please, please! I’m begging you!

Oh god no. Please no carpet! If you decide to go with it, please post a photo of that abortion.

Go to a fabric store and get some real fabric and whatever adhesive they recommend.


I’m thinking carpet because I don’t think there is a fabric out there that can hold up to a cat’s claws.

Keep in mind, berber is a matted carpet, not like the “furry” carpet you see in most homes. (I know it still sounds crazy. I’ll send pics.)