How can I patch a spot in my carpet that the cat tore away?

My cat has, over time, torn away part of my carpet right at the edge of the door frame. It’s about a six-inch long by two inch wide section and has been torn down to the actual wooden strips underneath the carpet. What I want to do is patch this section with carpet of the same color, in such a way that no (or very minimal) seam is visible. How do I go about doing this? Does anyone have some advice?

I once accidentally bleached a spot in the middle of my living room floor, so the next time I had my carpets cleaned I asked the guy if he knew of a way to fix it. He cut the carpet out in a square around the spot, and cut the same size square from inside my closet. It was at the front to the side of the door, so it wasn’t noticeable. Then he glued down the replacement square. At first you could kind of tell because it wasn’t as worn as the rest, but it only took a few weeks to totally blend in.

Carpet seaming tape is sold at Home Depots and other such stores. If you can find an identical piece of carpet, you have to cut out the bad area in a staight line (generally from the back if it’s open pile, from the top if it’s closed loop; you’ll have to lift up the carpet by removing the baseboard and lift up the edge from the tack strip and fold back) and tape. I’d probably hire someone to do it if you want it to look good.

I did exactly this with great success when I melted a hole in my carpet with a clothes iron.

However, the OP says that it is “…right at the edge of the door frame. …has been torn down to the actual wooden strips underneath the carpet.” Those wooden strips are tack strips that are put down at the edges of the room to hold the carpet in place. IANA carpet layer but if you replace a patch over the tack strip, then there could possibly be some puckering because the tension will be released. If the carpet is old, there may not be any tension left anyway.

In any case I would try this, it’s your best bet.

ETA: Whatever you do, you need to put something down to keep the cat away.