So I was sitting on my couch this afternoon about to go to work, and my roommates cat walks by and sits down in front of me. It grabbed my Dr. Pepper can (by the tab) and stumbled off with it. It got about 10 feet, stopped, and started hissing at the can. After a moment or two of hissing, it stopped licked it’s butt a few times and walked off.

I have never seen anything so amazingly stupid/interesting/pointless done by a cat. I could do nothing but laugh for twenty minutes.

This is pretty pointless, but thought it was a cute story to tell.

Pointless but damned funny story.

I imagine when we finally get to communicate with cats and ask them why they do something, it’llbe like talking to a toddler with a New York attitude: “I dunno. Got a problem with that?”.

I’m watching HyperKitty tear around the house, making a weird throaty gargle with every change of direction. At least she stopped licking my ankle.

My cat likes to sneak up when I’m not looking and bite my elbow.

What’s up with that?!

My friend Prophet recently got a new kitty. As he and his wife were trying to decide a name, they got it narrowed down to two… Clue(Wife’s idea) or Cletus(Prophet’s idea).

Well, as the little uncoordinated thing, and it truly is one of the least graceful cats I’ve ever seen, was walking around the rim of toilet, Prophet made a deal with his wife. If the cat falls in, it’s name is Clue. If it doesn’t, the name is Cletus.

Just as they shook hands they heard a plop and then a pitiful whine and scramble. They now have a cat named Clue.

Not a very funny story, but a cute one nonetheless. :slight_smile:

One of my cats sneaks up on tinfoil balls all the time. I’m amazed at how she surprises them all the time with her tiger like pouncing, then she does the preening and acting queen like all over again.
My other cat likes to watch, but she’d rather cuddle up with any body part she can and if she’s leaning on you she’ll tilt her head back and give you those wide eyes that say, “Aren’t I cute? Pet me!”

My two have taken to opening cabinet doors just to see what’s inside them. Nothing ever changes, unless we wash dishes and put them away, and there’s no food or anything that they’d be remotely interested in. They’re becoming unnervingly good at it, and we’ve already moved the household cleaning stuff to a safer place.

Nothing a cat will do can ever amaze me.


Misty likes to start crying like she’s lonely and when you approach her, she runs like a bat out of hell.

She also has a thing for opening my door when I’m sleeping/getting dressed in the morning, then running when I approach her. Stupid cat.

We’ve started calling PJ ‘esther williams’ because of her obsession with water. She will stand at the water dish and bat all the water out with a frantic look. We have been through feline diabetes with another so we know PJ is not thirsty. After cleaning up several floods we have come upon a solution: a self waterer in the bathtub. Now PJ leaves the dog water alone but will empty a two-quart self-waterer in a day. She is shameless.

And why does cat food taste better if the tame human will pet the cat while she (the cat, that is) eats?

Similarly, water in the human’s glass is better than water in the cat’s bowl. (Equally fresh and clean, BTW.)

I don’t think we’re meant to understand them, but it’s fun watching cats chase and kill the cardboard insides from bathroom paper. And if anyone has not tried this, it can be amusing to get one of those bubble-blowing things intended for young children. That is fun - several killable things floating in the air at the same time. See cat jump! See cat punch! See cat jump again! See cat look rather stressed by all the things one poor little cat is expected to deal with.

dustMagnate reminded me -

Does anyone else have a shower-obsessed cat? You know, where you get out of the shower and the cat is sitting on the toilet lid, meatloafed on the vanity or curled up in the sink (dry), watching you take a shower?

[It’s gotten a little better since I got the see-through shower curtain; she doesn’t attack the curtain anymore since I got it: must have been the ripples and waves of the curtain getting her atention.]

Okay, maybe it’s just my cat.

She likes my fencing foil, too: attacks the little leather knob at the end, tears it off and voila, cat toy!

screech -

It’s not just you. My kitty sits on the ledge above my toilet when I shower. Either that, or sits on the tub rim and watches me.

He also loves to try pulling thumbtacks out of my bulletin board. Is it any wonder my nickname for him is “Dippy?”

Of course, then he gets all cute and begs to be picked up the second I get home, and I forgive him. Damn him for being so cute!

Misty likes to sit on the back of the toilet when anyone takes a shower.
Or, when my dad’s shaving, she’ll sit on the hutch next to the sink and bat at his towel and razor.

I have a Siamese. That pretty much explains everything. :wink:

The most recent bizarre behavior that I witnessed was my a over the weekend. I was sitting at my computer (in the living room) and I hear her galloping over the hardwood floor, and then this strange scratch and thump. I turned around just in time to see her dash out of my bedroom, across the living room, take a flying leap about 4’ into the air and try to catch a lump of protruding stucco on the living room wall. Lather, rinse, repeat. She must have done it about a dozen times in a row.

She also has a condition that I refer to as Phantom Foot Syndrome. When she’s bored, she’ll roll around on the living room rug, kick herself in the head with her back feet, pretend that she doesn’t know who the feet belong to, and bite them. Then she’ll jump up, hop around like a weasel with her tail bushed out, and run away. Lather, rinse, repeat.


My cat Parker (he was just hit by a car and died last month and I miss him so bad my heart hurts…)use to love to lick my legs after I got out of the shower. He too was fasinated by all things water. He had to stick his paw in his water dish before he would drink it and he knocked over all glasses of water sitting on tables.

Some days I wonder how I will get through life without him…

Oh, and one more cute thing Parker did… I have this clock hanging on the wall in my kitchen above a bakers rack. He loved to climb up the bakers rack and chase the second hand around and around on the clock. I had to get it secure enough to the wall so that the whole thing didn’t come crashing down.

Recently, i have witnessed behavior to attest to this. In the morning, she sits in front of a cupboard until someone opens it. And when someone does, she…sits there. For hours on end. There is nothing in there, no mice, even when it is completely empty she still sits there. Very creepy.