Cattle Mutilations

I keep seeing things on these strange cattle mutilations. It is very obvious that small animals are simply going for the soft tissue as thy can’t chew through the thick hide of cattle. I can’t figure out why they are calling this a mystery?

What are you talking about?

Dead cattle are found with things like eyes and genitals missing. Some people say aliens are doing it, others that rats mice and other small animals eat the tender parts of the dead animal.

Cecil the Great wrote a column on this way back in 1984. I presume that this is the definitive word on the subject simply because of its source.

Even something as large as a coyote would struggle with a cows hide. My guess would be skunks, foxes, weasels, possums, raccoons and coyotes.

Where are you seeing this? I haven’t seen anything on the well worn subject for many years.

Maybe he just saw this documentary.

Coast to Coast has done at least three reports on the subject this year, like this impeccably researched documentary:

OTTOMH Dark Skies had an episode about it.

Cattle mutilation and black helicopters get a section of GURPS Warehouse 21 (fun book. I recommend it).

The other day fox news had something on it. I didn’t bother to watch it.

If you never see another millisecond of Fox “news” for the rest of your life you will be much more grounded in reality, not in sensationalist fiction. Try it, you might like it.

I’ll look for a link quick, but there was a large cattle die-off in Kansas a couple of months ago or so.

Apparently there was a big conspiracy theory. Don’t remember what the theory was, but of course it was stupid.

Edit: Aw hell, you can do it. Just Google “Kansas cattle die off conspiracy.” Too many to link.

Who else remembers our own Carol?

I thought for sure this was an old zombie Carol thread that had been resurrected from back then. Her posts were … ah, memorable.

You could probably add various insects and carrion birds to that list as well.

A more out-there theory I heard recently on a podcast was that the government is sampling livestock for signs of chemical weapons or radiation exposure after accidental leaks or secret weapons testing.

Now I am curious what the craziest theory might be…

For fans of Grade-B science fiction films, all the answers are in a 1982 Alan Rudolph film with Peter Cayote & JoBeth Williams.

(Hint: it’s the government making an omelet. 'Cause we’re all cattle, when you get right down to it.)

According to my coworker, it’s communists attacking our food supply.

I’ve heard it’s a satanic cult using a helicopter to move the dead animals from place to place to avoid suspicion.

… and cattle “mutilations” have apparently become newsworthy yet again. My conspiracy theory is that some Texans are trying to deflect attention from other issues in their state.

If I was a teen in rural Texas, mutilating a few already-dead cattle just to see if my handiwork would make the news sounds like good mild-delinquent fun.

I’m assuming finding already-dead cattle isn’t too hard in places where cattle are common. If not, everybody has a rifle and knows how to hunt. It’ll be already-dead by the time we git to a-mutilatin’.