Ok,anyone here interested in Cattle Mutes

I do love a debate and I just read an article by Cecil that Im dying to talk about.

What in hell is a “Cattle Mute”?

Why did you start two threads about them?

Moving this to Comments on Cecil’s Columns from Great Debates. Also adding a link to Cecil’s column on cattle mutilations.

I was wondering where it had been moved.

Based on her OP in the intro thread, I thought it might be in the Game Room.

I’m comfortable with the “surgical precision” of the removal of certain body parts being attributed to natural phenomena.

You got anything supporting a time of death determination that would tend to leave insufficient time between death and discovery for that to be the case?

AHunter3, a “cattle mute” is apparently a reference to cattle mutilation. See. the lnk in Marley23’s post, above.

I thought I met a cattle mute once, but it was only a cattle mime. And it kept doing “Trapped in the high-density feedlot.”

If you look at the veterinary history of cattle that wind up mutilated, there is one common factor that you will see. They have all been vaccinated. Vaccines cause cattle mutilation. And autism.

I prefer mute cattle. Having grown up surrounded by cattle fields, the sound of cows mooing makes the pink and turquoise zebra that lives in my left nostril start to scream, and then I can’t sleep until I erect a fifty foot papier-mâché statue of Margaret Thatcher in my neighbor’s yard.


Dangitall! That’s you? I wondered where those things were coming from.

By the way, ever see those “bark collars” for dogs? Good news! I’ve invented a “moo collar.”

— Your Neighbor

I fear that if too many cattle are muted they may lose their native tongue altogether. Then we’ll probably need some kind of Rosetta Flat Rock to understand what they were trying to communicate all this time.

Do you realize what this means? You know, of course, that a practical, effective cattle mute will revolutionize modern agriculture?

That’s right–cattle tend gather in groups, and are very difficult to move around only because they like to listen to one another, making them stubborn and difficult to move (they want to find out how the story ends).

Cattle mutes would eliminate the need for farms to be fenced in, and would let cows’ natural intelligence to emerge–so that even though the cattle would be scattered across the landscape rather than grouped together, all a rancher would need to do to protect his cattle, or bring them in for milking would be to go out and look at them every once in a while.

Cattle mutes: because farmers agree that cattle should be seen and not herd.

carol nistri, I think we’re waiting for you to post something to discuss. (I hope it’s worth it.)

Without a basis for discussion this thread is moot.

I’ve wished for a cow mute button low these many years.

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So what does carol nistri have on whom not to be banned yet?

I don’t see what’s so mysterious. Sometimes a man just gets the urge to make love to a heifer and then surgically mutilate her.

It’s one of nature’s many mysteries-

Beautiful in its way.

Banned for what?

Hello, Carol. I think if you want to have a debate on cattle mutilations, you need to start it with something. Being as there probably isn’t a lot of debate on the pros and cons of mutilating cattle, I’m assuming you’re looking to discuss the causes of it. What’s your opinion on how and why it occurs?

Nistri isRomanianfor a river in Eastern Europe.Carol [River]. Coincidence?