Caught In The Act

God only knows how sickening this really is :wink:

Ha! The punchline photo has been up as my pc wallpaper for a couple of months! A friend sent me the pic, I had no idea where it came from.

Thanks you, beagledave, for making it all so clear.

I saw that on the DailyRadar Peepshow awhile back. They have some truly hilarious pics.
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Very funny. The dog’s expression just looks so - guilty.

Love it. :smiley:

Rosebud…I beg you to email that photo me! :slight_smile:

I recognize that pic. It’s from a print ad for a video camera with night-vision capability. Instead of black and white, the ad glowed a ghostly green. There was actually some digital compositing done on the image but you can hardly tell…they did a great job.

I’ve seen this one before…it gets me every time! :smiley: I love the expression on the cat’s face.

Hi Roland-- your e-mail address isn’t in your profile… drop me a line at the addess in mine, and I’ll happily send you the pic :slight_smile:

Btw, it’s the cat’s face that does it for me, too! Almost everyone who walks by my computer askes about the picture-- comments range from “That’s just weird!” to “Is that your dog?”

If your wallpaper is full screen…could you send a copy my way as well please (addy in my profile)? I assume it’s in jpg or bmp format…

That is absolutely adorable. The looks on their faces remind me of the looks on my friends faces when I walked in on a “compromising position”.

Thanks. I’ll buy you a beer in 3 years.