Do you collect funny pictures?

These are the ones I’ve collected at work…

post any funny pictures you have. is a good hosting site if you need one.

Not a funny picture, but the best emoticon I’ve found yet. the smilie has a very sincere, frank, and serious look on it’s face, that would be hard to find elsewhere. I’d like to see this message baord add it to it’s current roster, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

For some funny comics, click here!:





Oh yeah, you can read more Perry Bible comics here: link.

He he he. they’re good!


It’s Baron Silas Greenback!

Lobsang! You will cease and desist right now.

You’re making me want a cat and I have neither the time nor the money for one right now!

(In reference to this little badass, as well as a few others.)

Is the gentleman in the white turban really Rowan Atkinson?

No, silly. It’s Osama Bean Ladin.


Well this one did it for me. Man I wish I could have a cat again.

Now you can.
(also from

Here’s another cat one to redeem my other cat one.

Oh man, you guys are going to get me dismissed today.

Oh, so very forgiven. :smiley:

I have one at work of a cat completely shaved except it’s head. The cat’s expression shows intent to murder.

But I am at home now so it might take some rooting.

This one has always been one of my favorites, being another person who loves cats, but can’t have one. [I do get to have my doggies, though.]


My cat Twinkle hates you.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

That’s frightening, but not so funny. Hoo!

The guy with the egg on his face is pretty funny.

This always makes me giggle.