If its not one thing its another, you only ever hear about the ones that DID, nobod perfect, as soon as your conceived your dying, get rid of this coffee its horrible, take me roughly from behind, no not like that like this, tackle out, walk the dog, wheres my pencil.


Well i think nobody’s perfect its a conundrum to say otherwise kinda like a needle in a haystack of infinite proportions so bollocks to it and another thing were has squiry the squirrel gone, if it wasn’t for this terrible war he would still be running around amongst the leaves, twitching his little nose and going nuts.

Does anybody really care about what the start of all this is about, if people are analy retentive then why do they feel that way? I know the answer is love.

“When the going gets tough the tough go and hide under the table.”

“Success is the ability to eat thirty pizzas in one sitting without throwing up.”

“Simple, thats me!”

“They are going to poke out your eyes, turn me into rizzole and suck on your exquisite floppoly doppolies!”

“I wonder what would happen if my Lady and I got married? There would be a big wedding and lots of celebration, then we would have loads of kids…And they would crawl all over me…Forget it, I would make a lousy father.”

Are you trying to sell a question?

Obviously, someone must have put a keyboard in the box with Schrödinger’s cat before they pulled the trigger.


BalancedSoul, if you are attempting to make a point, take the time to clean it up and post it in a coherent fashion. If you are experimenting with stream-of-conciousness writing, I think you will find other places better suited to your experiments.

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