Causes of Muscle Twitches (question for the doctors)

I guess the title is fairly self explanatory. What prompted this question is that I have a fairly persistent muscle twitch in my right index finger. It seems rather different than what I would normally call “nervous tics” (eye twitches, corner of the mouth, etc).

Basically, periodically my finger tightens up and draws in towards my middle finger. If I try to prevent it from happening, the finger “vibrates.” What are potential causes for this? I’m beginning to get a little worried about it, so it’d be nice to hear “it’s just because of stress” :-).

bump help please?

Well, I’m no doctor, but I’d say that it is just a muscle twitch. Don’t try and stop it from occuring. If anything, then try and move your finger where it wants to go, and with force (ya know how squeezing a wound makes it hurt less…). If if causes pain (not pain from a cramped muscle, but actual Oh My God, this hurts like a … pain), then go to the doc.

I get really bad foot cramps sometimes. My foot contorts into a weird curve, and it hurts for a few seconds and goes away.

See, I thought that’s what it was too. The problem is that it happens a lot more often than just cramps. I’d say maybe once every hour or so, maybe a little more often. It’s kinda unsettling.

I’m pretty certain (no doc here) that you have some sort of tendonitis.

I’ve read above some pianists who described the same thing as you - where the finger closes (sometimes more than one close).

I think you should use " spasm" when searching, as it is more widely applied to the condition.

I believe you may have tendonitis of the long flexors.

Not a diagnosis, but I think the info I provided should help you narrow your search and find more succesful results when seeking causes and a diagnosis.

Another possibility, but I would rate second, is carpel tunnel syndrome.

The tensing and closing of the finger would steer me away from saying it is related to Parkinsons.

There are several causes of the twitch you describe. Figuring out what they are is a simple matter of understanding the functional anatomy that controls the movement of the body part in question, in your case the finger.

It could be generated by the brain, as in a focal motor seizure. It could be due to irritaion of a cervical nerve root, or any irritation of the motor unit subserving the body part, including muscles, tendons, and the nerves themselves. It could be due to local fatigue responding to a general increase in irritability during "stress,"Most such cases as you describe are ascribed to focal “dystonias” or “tics,” which are assumed to be “idiopathic,” which means we don’t know why they occur.

I hate to state the obvious here, but … comments from folks on a message board are just that. Even if there are some real doctors posting, they would not diagnose without seeing you and asking a slew of other questions. And diagnosis could range from “nothing at all” to “onset of Parkinsons” to “venom from a deadly snake bite.”

If you are concerned about a medical condition, for cryin-out-loud, go see a doctor , don’t just post on a message board.

Yes, I know :-). However, going to see a real doctor is a little pricey on my current budget. I figured I’d see what people had to say about it. But do not fear! I am off to see the doctor today.

But check back and let us know!