CBC Music (streaming music service)

Is anyone listening to this? I checked it out due to my deep love of CBC*, having an iPhone and hearing about the app, and also being a music fan, of course.

I find I go to the Singer-Songwriter channel as a default. This is “my” music, for sure. It almost gets a bit emotional; hearing stuff I haven’t had a chance to listen to since I last had a stereo system set up with a record player. Gotta dig out the vinyl and get back to converting my old favourites to mp3.

*Feel free to also express any despair over the budget cuts announced in the recent Conservative budget.

Thanks for posting about this. interesting.

Thanks for posting about that CBC site - I’m enjoying the ‘Electronic’ channel as I type this.

Just in case you didn’t know about it, I should point out a pretty impressive and free site called Grooveshark. If nothing else, it works in Canada which is something that many of the more popular ones that others around here have recommended don’t!

Anyway, Grooveshark lets you listen, for free, to whatever tracks, albums, etc., you want (although you can’t download them onto your machine). One great use for Grooveshark is to sample music before you purchase it elsewhere, i.e. you get to listen to the ENTIRE track or album and not just 30 seconds. Of course, Grooveshark is also good if you just want to listen to stuff you don’t own yourself. The selection is outstanding and you can ‘program’ as much music of your choice as you want.

By the way, if you do choose to visit Grooveshark, its home page looks like an ad for Zip Cars; don’t think you’ve stumbled on to an ad - that’s the actual site. The interface changes to look less ad-like after your first search there

Most of the stuff on CBC 3 comes under the heading of ‘not to my taste, but I’m glad it’s being broadcast.’ I keep hoping that the classical archives will get opened up one of these days.

If it’s of any interest, we were just talking about the CBC in the CanaDoper Café thread last week.

And yes, it makes me sick at heart to know the Conservatives are cutting CBC by another 10%. How long, O Lord, how long?