I want to listen to a certain thing on the 'net. For free. Without reg or download. .

I know I may be asking for too much.

Right now I listen to CBS streaming live radio because I love oldies but mostly because I can just click and listen. There is no fee, no registration and nothing to download-- all things I cannot do from work.

Is there anywhere I can do this but with comedy? Old routines or new material— I don’t care which. Oh hell, while we’re at it-- any other radio stations besides those affiliated with CBS (I’ll listen to the one in San Fran occasionally too, just to be different) offer live streaming radio?

I listen to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and NPR online, but that’s usually it. I know I listened to an oldies station in Wales once, just for the novelty of it. cbc.ca and npr.org

I’m too mad at NPR for cancelling Motley Fool. I sometimes go back and listen to the old shows they still have up on the internet. Still, they’re poopyheads.

But I’m looking for something lighter to listen to while I work. Jokes and music.

What do they usually play on CBC?

News, art, music, comedy… a variety of things depending if you listen to radio one or two and what time of day (and what day, the comedy is more on weekends which is when I usually listen).

You can get the schedules here.

This site has links to a few thousand radio stations that stream their content free to the internet, and includes a search function to make finding your favorite stuff easier.

Some of the stations ask you to register, but most don’t, and there is tremendous variety.