Does anyone know of internet radio that works?

I’ve got both iheartradio (Clear channel) and (CBS oldies). Both of these are quite frustrating. They crap out intermittently for no good reason. seems to have disappeared all together.

I listen on my iTouch, if that means anything. Am I the only one who has this issue?

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean listening to on air radio through the internet? If so, I think most stations now stream that at their site.

If you mean radio that exists only through the internet, I use Pandora radio.

I use this desktop gadget(Win Vista or 7) and haven’t had any problems.
Downside is you pick the genre of music and that’s it, you have no control over the content just like over the air radio. Even an occasional ad.

I listen to a couple of internet radio streams, including Destination Doo-wop, which runs on the Live365 network, and Sounds of Philly Radio (which has a lot of cross-over with Destination Doo-wop, but runs its own stream). The signal craps out now and then, but I just have to reset the player to kick it back into gear.

I mean streaming radio stations.

Ooh do-wop! I’ll try it.
I used listen to both Pandora and Slacker on my computer at work until it was blocked. I may try on my device now. Why this didn’t occur to me before. . .

Internet Oldies? Try Two Nations Gold: top hits from the US and UK charts with emphasis on the Fifties and Sixties. There’s also Classic Hits 4KQ from Brisbane, Australia, playing top 40 from the Fifties to the Seventies.

For Rat Pack-type music tryMartini In The Morning.

I listen to 95.5 KLOS a lot it’s got a pretty good feed and a great Iphone app. Pandora is my back up and the app is better since you don’t have a minute/month cap.