CBS Sunday Morning 35th anniversary

Yesterday on Sunday Morning, the 35th anniversary of that iconic program was celebrated (a bit early, though, as the actual premiere date will be on Tuesday of this year, but Charles Osgood admitted that), and as part of it, the first opening was included.

Here’s an article from yesterday with a picture of Charles Kuralt in the studio introducing the first show, 1/28/79:

Even better, here’s another article from 2010 that has the actual first opening of the program from that premiere date:

While it’s never a show I personally seek out, I always enjoy seeing it when I’m visiting my parents for the weekend. The nature scenes at the end are always something to look forward to.

I have an irrational hatred of it, because when I was growing up it was on at the same time as some good cartoons, but my parents would always kick us off the TV so that they could watch it.

(also: “Tuesday of this year”?)

This is one show I always catch. Very well produced and interesting. I especially enjoy the musician profiles.

I’ve probably watched it for most of its 35 years. Always a mix of some interesting stories, especially as others have mentioned on music and film and entertainment in general, profiles of interesting people and places, technology pieces by David Pogue, a minimum of politics (and you can always find something else to do if Ben Stein has a commentary), and great, if too short, nature clips. Near the end of each year they say Goodbye to all the people we lost that year, and list some of the new “gifts” the US gives itself as national parks or wilderness areas.

Low-key, relatively apolitical, and always something interesting. It’s the best way to start every Sunday morning. Try it if you already haven’t - or even if you still resent it for displacing your favorite cartoons. :cool:

Same here. I should watch it more often, because I really do enjoy it when I watch it with my parents.

My dad told me that he liked the Snoop Dogg profile from this past Sunday. :smiley:

This show first aired a year and a day before the day I was born. As a kid, I always called it the “sunshine show,” for obvious reasons. Loved the trumpet theme, loved listening to Kuralt’s voice . . . I of course didn’t sit and watch the whole program regularly as a young kid, but it was on enough that it left indelible images in my mind.

As I mentioned in another thread a year or so ago: this show never fails to interest me in subjects I thought I would have no interest in. I found it by chance a couple of years ago, and now never fail to watch it every week. Even their segments on entertainment figures, which I generally would be inclined to fast-forward through, bring a lot of depth to their subjects.

What I meant by that is that it premiered on Sunday, January 28, 1979, but January 28, 2014 (35 years later) falls on a Tuesday, so that’s why I said that.

We watch the show every week. However, I fast forward through the music profiles. I guess the show has something for everyone.