Story link regarding the new movie about Ronald Reagan, which has now been dropped by CBS and will appear on Showtime, instead.

CBS, you fucking cowards, caving in to biased political pressure like that.

So much for your support of the first amendment.

Yeah, cause the first amendment has anything to do with corporations…

Puh-leaze. The movie itself was apparently so ridiculously biased, making shit up out of nowhere, conversations pulled out of nowhere but the author’s head, to try and blame Reagan for basically every bad thing that has ever happened in the history of America.

The political influences in this incident were those that got the filmmaker to blindly follow his leftist “Reagan = EVIL” formula and present a shameless piece of biased crap that CBS realized it couldn’t air without losing credibility.

So send it over to Showtime where the viewers will probably love all the fictitious conversations in which Reagan single-handedly creates AIDS and then storms through bath houses lopping off the heads of all the evil gays he didn’t manage to infect. I mean, why deal with the realities of a problem and the truth about it’s origins when you can just blame it all on some guy you already don’t like?

Didn’t Nancy shoot JR?

Whatever it is or isn’t, it has nothing whatso-fucking-ever to do with the First Ammendment. The ignorance in that statement is nothing short of appalling.

CBS is a company. They make money by selling advertising. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to decide what they should or shouldn’t air? Politics had nothing to do with this. It was a business decision.


I wonder if you’re as stupid as this post makes you seem.

  1. 1st Amendment-see every other respose so far except to add that a corporation has no obligation to do anything beyond follow the laws and make profits for it’s stockholders.

  2. In the US, it’s nearly impossible for a celebrity/public figure to successfully sue for libel/slander. If it weren’t, tabloids would have long been sued out of business (“ALIENS SAY MADONNA BEARING ELVIS’S CLONE’S LOVE CHILD!”). Given that, what does it say about the movie when CBS’s own lawyers expressed “growing concern” about the movie?


I wish someone had had the same reservations about the Jessica Lynch film. Has this piece of tripe hit the screen yet?

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Eh… I think they made the right decision by handing it over to Showtime.

After the director threw his hands up, the task of editing it was passed over to executive types, and it’s been characterized as “edited with a machete.” Getting the project away from CBS executives is probably the best move as far as un-stifled expression is concerned. Let someone who isn’t insisting on a hagiography air the damned thing.

Since they were looking at the possibility of an advertiser boycott, it makes good political sense to move it from one pocket to another by shifting it over to another CBS company that is not quite so dependent on advertising. (Does Showtime carry any advertising at all, or is it totally subscriber-supported?)

As for the furor over the AIDS line, where was the concern when the (also fictionalized) authorized biography Dutch attributed the line “Maybe the Lord brought down this plague […] illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments,” to Ronnie? Does the speculative mood make it okay? Or is just because nobody cares about print media?

So you’ve seen the movie then, Rex? Or just making a blind judgement based on what Bill O’Reilly told you?

Call me stupid, but I thought that in a free and open democracy, all ideas should get a chance to be heard. It’s up to the viewers – not the Republican Party – to decide if the Reagan movie as insightful and accurate or extremist and delusional. If reality gets bent to the breaking point, that’s what libel and slander laws are for.

But, then again, that’s because I’m one of those nutjobs that believe in a free and open democracy, unlike our friends in the GOP. They sure didn’t make any complaints about historical inaccuracy when Showtime aired their right-wing rah-rah special on the 9/11 terrorist attacks last month…

What the fuck does free and open democracy have to do with a privately-owned network?

OTOH - CBS apparently is entertaining the thought of running a Michael Jackson Special
Insert joke here:

This is the situtation that whoever came up with the phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” was probably thinking of when (he?) created the phrase.

Did I miss the part where the Federal Government forced CBS to cancel the show or are you a fucking tool?


Now that I can’t see B.S. on CBS, I shall have to switch my viewing habit to Fox. Plenty of B.S. to see there.

Nice ad hominem.

CBS was being intensely pressured by right-wing Reagan-idealogues to either completely redo the miniseries or add a “this is fiction” warning label. Instead of sticking up for their right to make the movie–a movie whose script had long been approved–they caved to this political pressure. Ergo, giving up their first amendment right to present the miniseries. Unless you like the idea of the government (many of the Republicans who attacked the miniseries aregovernment officials) controlling media, this episode such be more than a little alarming.

It says they’re tools of the Republican Party. It DOES NOT necessarily mean there’s in fact anything factually wrong with the miniseries (I’m not myself saying there is or isn’t; having not seen it, I do not know).

Many Reagan-worshippers are flapping off about it based on presumptious arguments as to its content, without knowing diddly as to what is actually in the script. Rumors, and spastic reactionary posturing are running this controversy.

AS if Reagan were above criticism. To hear some of these Republicans freak out about it, criticizing Reagan is pure heresy, comparable someone was suggesting Mary might not have been a virgin after all.


By the way, regarding all the stupid jokes about Cbs, I entered the pit subject as CBS, all caps, and it was changed on posting. I surmise there’s some sort of punctuation correction when you post a subject.

P.S. I stand by my pit of CBS. They are fucking cowards to have caved on pulling a major miniseries which was approved and funded long ago. Perhaps someone in charge should have had more oversight on the project, but for crying out loud, CBS, have the courage to present the content you create.

As for first amendment issues, members of the government were actively involved in pressuring CBS to pull or entirely rewrite the miniseries due to their concerns about its alleged content. CBS should have stuck up for its first amendment rights, regardless of the historical veracity of the miniseries.


Before any asshats like Fenris attack my intelligence again, I am well aware of a couple typos that crept in to my posts above. Here are corrected versions of two of them:

“…this episode should be more than a little alarming.”


“…comparable to someone suggesting Mary might not have been a virgin after all.”