CD player malfunction

I have a single disc CD player that is starting to act up. I bought it 2 years ago, and it has been in constant use since then… playing discs at my store all day long. It is/was able to play CD’s, CD-R’s and MP3 CD’s etc. Recently, it has started to refuse to play some CD’s. It started with CD-R’s, but is now intemittently balking at pretty much any kind of CD. When I put one in and press play, all I get is clicking sounds.
My question(s)… is there some way I can deal with this without taking it in to get fixed? Are there CD cleaning discs? Do they work? Any suggestions would be welcome.

I play CDs all day while I work. The environment is dusty, and there is pet hair everywhere. I replace the CD player every 2 or 3 years due to problems like what you are describing. I mess around for a few weeks cleaning the lens with alcohol and a Q-tip but I eventually “upgrade”.

I donate the old unit to someone who wants to f@ck with it.

Yes. You can buy a device that looks like a CD with a little brush attached to one side, and a bottle of fluid at most electronics stores. Just ask for a CD cleaning kit. The kits do work.