CD writer program that can blend tracks?

I burn a lot of techno CDs, and most of them have some sort of fade-in to each next track. That is, songs don’t just stop nicely and you can hit the >| button to the next track, rather they blend with each other. So I’m looking for a program that will blend them flawlessly. I have Nero Burning ROM and I’ve had CDRWin, but both of them leave a small gap between tracks, which is very noticeable with headphones, not so bad without. Is it impossible for a consumer CD-R (actually an RW, Philips 3610) to make seamless tracks like a lot of pro CDs have? If not, what are some programs that do it?

sounds like you need audio editing software. you can download a demo of cool edit pro, record in a couple songs and play around with it to see if it’s something you like. the effect you’re talking about is a crossfade. you highlight the end of the first song and the beginning of the second song, then pick a fade pattern.

I highly reccommend CD Architech from Sonic Foundary (availalbe at music stores with pro audio departments, like guitar center and musicians friends and also on sonic foundary’s web site). I use it for aplications like this all the time. It acutally allows you to create the CDs graphically, drawing volume envelopes over graphic wave files.and defining track breaks wherever you want. its not cheap ($300 range I think), but its definitely worth it. I’ve been using it almost exclusively for a couple of years.
Hope this helps…

BTW, Mack is right about audio editng software being a good idea in general, but CD architech comes with Sound Forge (also by Sonic Foundary) which is sort of an industry standard stereo wave editor for PC based digital audio.
I don’t think that you want to attempt your cross fades in a stereo editor however becasue the crossfading is destructive (actually changes the wav file itself), as opposed to CD Architechs nondestructive editing. With CD Architech, you aren’t changing the wave form just the level at which it gets played, which A) is faster B) is easier to undo changes you later decide you don’t like and C) takes up less disc space (if you intend to keep both the original wav and the cross fade results).

Okay, it sounds to me like you just want to record w/out the 2 second gap in between songs. If that’s all, Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0 allows you to remove it. Gear Audio does as well. If you actually want to mix and whatnot, listen to everybody else.

I use Media Jukebox for that sort of thing. Shareware, costs $25 after the 30-day trial period. It’s one of the few pieces of shareware I’ve actually bought.


Does Adaptec make Jam for the PC platform?

(They don’t necessarily use the same names for equivalent s/w on different platforms. They don’t make a product specifically called “Toast”, for example, I think the PC equiv has a name like “EasyCD”. With no “Toast” there may be no “Jam”)