Cecil Adams! YES!!!

So I was downtown doing some shopping. Make that currently downtown doing some shopping. And I stop by CompUsa to check the StraightDope, can’t go without it you know. The sales guy walks by me, and goes “Cecil Adams! Yes!!!” then keeps walking.

Cool. Should have found out if it’s anyone we know!

He was one of the Secret Society Of Cecil, and he was checking to see if you were also a member. He gave you the code words and you were supposed to respond with the countersign: “Little Ed! He’ll do!”

Oh, great Rysdad! Not everybody knows about the SSC.
Okay, nobody panic. I’m sure this will all blow over soon enough.

At least you didn’t tell them about the little symbol tattoos in inconspicuous places.

You dont need to refer to me as, “Oh, Great Rysdad.” A simple “Rysdad” will do.

No, not, “Simple Rysdad.”

Just, “Rysdad.”

Or, if I know you personally, “Bubbela.”