Cecil and a time warp (Saturated Fats)

So, then. In today’s (5/3/06) classic column on Saturated Fats. the header is March 1, 1988 but Cecil’s comments includes ‘Prior to 1990…’

Apparently our Perfect Master is so perfect he sees all that comes ahead of him. Could I get some lottery numbers, please?

Seriously, I’m assuming this was updated at some point. But usually those are annotated somehow. What’s the deal here?

Various updates have been done over the years, on a pretty ad hoc basis, often during the AOL years. It sometimes results in situations like this.

I came here to start a thread about this very subject, but it looks like Jonathan Chance beat me to it.

If you’re going to edit/update a column like this, it seems like it would be good form to add the extra content at the end of the column with an editor’s note or some other indication that the text has been changed since originally published.