Cecil B. Demented

“Tell me about Mel Gibson’s dick and balls!”

“I’m stuck in a K-hole!”
Campy movie, but there are some serioulsy funny scenes and quotes. Anyone else seen it?

I saw it a little over a year ago or so. I really liked it. It got some screen time here, so it was nice to see this really low budget movie about the struggles of independant film making some headway. And the bit about the hairdresser angry with his heterosexuality…I thought that was great. Definitely a fun movie to watch, but you need to be with the right crowd.

It started out well enough, I like it when Cecil enlists the aid of a theater full of action movie fans to protect his band from protestors. It really went downhill fast at the end though.

Other than that, I think the film barely merits note.

I watched it by myself, so I guess I’m not the right crowd. I thought it kinda sucked. Unfortunately John Waters movies have been going steadily downhill. His last solid film was Hairspray. Everything since then has come off like a John Waters impersonator.

I liked it quite a bit, but then I was stoned out of my gourd.

Melanie Griffith was perfectly cast, and it’s the only movie in which I found Stephen Dorff halfway watchable.