Cecil cant and wont confirm nor deny "is there a santa claus ?"

I commend Cecil on the greatest " I can neither confirm or deny if there’s a Santa Claus and I wont either" column I’ve ever seen

he could of been a great politician with the skill and talent used there …….

Man, I love Cecil. I think he believes.

Cecil and Santa Claus have never been photographed together. Just sayin’.

Ho–ly crap!! Now there’s the rest of the story.

Now, if Cecil would only address the “flying reindeer on a treadmill” question.


I need answers about a certain elf on a shelf.

I’m waiting for advice on whether to switch stockings after Santa shows me the one full of coal.

Those who know can’t say. Those who say don’t know :wink:

Oh, hi SantaMan. I guess you can’t say.:wink:

reported for spam………

I can neither confirm nor deny :smiley:

You get my list?

It’s Schrödinger’s Santa Claus. He both exists and doesn’t exist. You won’t know until you open the present.