Cecil Haiku (what the heck)

He seems to know all
If not, He’ll find the answer
Can’t we get along?

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Cecil is so wise
I wish my brain worked that well
I don’t recall much

(hey, it was my best shot!)

“Were you out on the lake today kissing your brain?”- The Man with Two Brains

Can’t find the answer?
Let Cecil Adams help you!
The world’s smartest man
– Sylence

“A friend of mine once sent me a post card with a picture of the entire planet Earth taken from space. On the back it said, ‘Wish you were here’.” - Steven Wright

Oh, Brilliant Master,
Smile upon my puny mind.
I am but spittle to thee.

Shit…that was 5-7-7!

O.K., let’s try this:

Oh, Brilliant Master,
Smile upon my puny mind!
I am pooh to you.

Ah, great stern Knower
We quail before your brain. Oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Green jade; plum blossom
Cecil reflects in still pools
Basho rolls in grave

Oh lordy. Stop me, somebody.

There was a Haiku thread four months back–
following are two my contributions:

Ignorance crusher
The Godhead of The Straight Dope
Cecil Adams reigns

Public face of The Straight Dope
“Little Ed” Zotti

And from “Hiroko” came:

Slug Signorio
Maker of Straight Dope cartoons
All hail Master Slug

Mr. Know-it-all
The Ultimate Smarty Pants
is Cecil Adams

Better frontal lobes
Than any dame on BayWatch
Now where’s my tv?

suspicious work boss
tries to see my VDT
must switch to spreadsheet
PapaBear the wise
the factual corrector
rains enlightenment
is loverock a troll?
or masked shadow prankster boy?
my screen stares blankly
stern moderator
ejudicates on God threads
send to Great Debates