Who is Cecil ??

I am new here and i would like to know who the hell is this Cecil guy?

I don’t understand why u people praise him as if he was half human half God. I’ve read several of his answers to questions and i must admit it’s quite entertaining and scientifical in he same time.

No one is omniscient, I really think that if this guy, cecil, really exists, he is just one of the staff member and works with the rest of the staff into answering question.

I think they just “invented” a character called Cecil who is omniscient to mystify this site, making it unique, like creating a star in a movie, a hero.

Cecil is the world’s (universe’s?) smartest being. As such, we believe that he is worthy of respect.

And besides, the little tag under his name says “Perfect Master.” There is bound to be some worshiping for a Perfect Master. Heck, some people climb quite large hills for a word or two with not-so-perfect masters.

There are some who would smite you for saying that Cecil was invented–and others who would agree. If you search for “Cecil” in thread titles, the argument about Cecil’s reality pops up every once in a while. Some of the worship is a bit tongue in cheeck–okay, a lot of it.

And Cecil Adams, in whatever form, existed WAY before the site did. He started writing a weekly column in 1973, after all.

If I missed anything, about 87 people will pop in to add and correct.

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And here’s where it was proven (by me, yay) that Cecil Adams is actually editor Ed Zotti.



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He might be an editor a writer or whatever, but there isn’t “a smartest man” in our world. The term “smartest man” itself is incoherent and fantasist. Besides, being knowledgeable and cultivated isn’t synonym of being smart. smart has something to do with efficient thinking in a short laps of time.

I am not against the idea, it’s rather amusing to have mysteries and secrets. I agree to play the game. I mean why not? We are having questions answered after all, should it be Cecil, the staff or Satan himself…

Think of Cecil as more of an ideal than a real person.

Whether he’s a construct of a corporation, or a mythical being from a higher dimension is beside the point. He simply is. And we worship him.


Yes NoclueBoy, I figured it out myself :slight_smile:

You mention elsewhere that you are 23. This means that for as long as you have probably cared, the Internet has existed. As such, you have always had relatively easy access to questionable answers to odd facts and such. Life was not always so.

Many folks (myself included) started reading Cecil’s columns long before the public Internet came in to being. It was so cool to read a newspaper column where someone could ask “Is it true about Catherine the Great and the horse?” or “Did a French vaudeville star once specialize in trained flatulence?”. Subjects like this were almost taboo in mainstream newspaper columns. This desire to answer virtually all types of questions with a bit of snarkiness and attitude is classic Cecil Adams.

In time, various forms of discussion around the columnist appeared on the Internet, attracting the people who were originally only fans of the column.

There has been a progression through forum technology here: newsgroups -> AOL -> various web-forum products. I have only been around during the use of vBulletin, but many dedicated folks have been around since the first peep on a newsgroup.

These days, I suspect that a substantial fraction of the members here did not come here via the columns/books.

That, in a nutshell, is why this gentleman is respected here: He is the seed crystal around which this community formed.

Your question is kind of like going to a rock star’s fan site and asking why everyone likes the rock star so much.

You challenge Cecil’s claim to being the smartest person in the universe? … OK, find anyone else who is seriously making that claim.

No contenders.

In the absence of any competition for the title, it is awarded by default.

And, by the way, we’ve never said Cecil was “omniscient.” He only knows what’s known to humankind and science, he doesn’t “know” what you’re thinking right at this moment, for instance, nor what color socks you’re wearing. If you like, think of Cecil as the ultimate compendium of human knowledge, all wrapped up in one (slightly eccentric) person.


I’m not wearing socks!

There is only one true answer to the question “Who is Cecil?” written by the eloquent neuro-trash grrrl in a three and a half year old thread with the same title as this one. She explained:

So, does this answer your question?