Is this REALLY Cecil's message board?

Today’s bout of boredom caused me to do a little dective work. This is truly mundane, and extremely pointless, but interesting nonetheless.

If you check a member’s profile, in the address bar you will notice a number at the end. Just for comparison, I’m number 20116. So I’m the 20,116th person to register at this message board.

I decided to do some detective work. I bet Cecil Adams, the Perfect Master, is the first person to register! Nope, #1 was - no one.

Number 2 is our good friend Lynn Bodoni.

#3 - Dan Kaplan, registered 02-18-1999, last post 09-13-1999.
#4 - dunl - only had one post
#5 - jkeene - only had 3 posts
#6 - Ed Zotti - registered 02-18-1999. He’s been here for a while, yet only has 335 posts. Interesting.
#7 - jcrandall - 1 post
#8 - SDStaffKen - Someone we hear from often because of his staff reports, yet he has but 9 posts
#9 - SDStaffWildBabe - registered 02-19-1999, only 4 posts. I don’t recall ever reading a staff report by this person, but maybe I just missed them all.

Skipping down to #14 we have monty - registered 02-19-1999, one of our oldest still-posting members!

19 and 20 bring about CK Dexter Haven and Eutychus.

So where, you may ask, is Cecil? Where is this myster man for whom this messag board was created?

Way down at #31, Cecil Adams finally appears. I’m thouroughly ashamed of you, Cecil. Now we all know you’re a kind of secretive guy but really, come on! You were a day late to the opening of your own message board. It’s simply unacceptable, Cecil Adams.

If this board was initially for asking questions and discussing the answers, then why on earth would the world’s smartest human be interested in asking questions, or the minor dalliances with people providing answers that were probably PAINFULLY obvious to him?

Gee, I expect to hear that kind of answer coming from someone who registered a year later

Massive tool of The System. :rolleyes:


She wrote one. This one.

Mike Lukas was #1, but they killed him.

Cecil prefers to leave the technical aspects of things to someone else. ANYONE else. Also, Cecil is, shall we say, HIGHLY motivated by money. The message board doesn’t make him money, so he just isn’t that active in it. Part of our job as staff members is to bring noteworthy posts/threads to Cecil’s attention. Usually he just ignores us.

Well, toots, if you were built like a Brick Shithouse maybe he’d pay more attention. :smiley:

[sub]SamClem, who has no knowledge of Lynn’s physique. Honest.[/sub]

I didn’t know Lynn was from Texas… :cool:

You’ll have to prove it though. :dubious:

Well to denfend the Great one (cecil not me) For those of you who don’t have AOL, you should know that the SDMB was oridginaly on the AOL system and then moved to the web. So it’s entiely possible that The Great One was simply to busy solving the world inane problems and never got around to registering on this site untill the next day.

Never doubt his Greatness again, Or I’ll slap you silly :wally

It’s really the message board for Madeline Albright and Janet Reno.

Well, now that secret’s out.

Now to give the secret formula for Coke and Popeil’s hair in a can.

Heck, he’s having trouble feeding Mrs. Adams, what with the rising cost of those attractive and functional Straight Dopecoffee mugs that each Admin and Mod are given !!!


Despite these shortcomings, we have great fondness for the 'Ole Skinflint.


Which are the same.

What on Earth is “hair in a can”?

You asked for it. Hair in a Can – GLH-9.