Cecil is mentioned

Cecil Adams, the Celestial Master, is referenced in this article from Simon Magazine Online.


Thought you’d like to know.

Dex and Euty wrote those articles. Just for the record.

Oh. My bad.

But do we get OUR names mentioned? Noooooooooo! :smiley:

Well, Simon Magazine is somewhat misleading there. The first of the series is by Cecil, the rest by Euty and me. But we’re delighted to get the exposure, we’re not worried about the credit so long as the Straight Dope gets acknowledged.

Anyhow, it’s always cool to see your stuff quoted or ref’d on other websites.

A real Cecil reference can be found in this week’s Last Word answer page in the New Scientist. The question asked was whether a car’s mileage went up or down with air conditioning or closed windows, and one of the respondents mentioned Cecil’s old article on it. Somebody has done a newer and more scientific study since, though.

The page doesn’t appear to be accessible on the New Scientist web site.