Cecil vs. Marilyn

Once, a few years ago, I read through one of the Marilyn Vos Savant “Ask Marilyn” books. Of course I got rid of the book. Even if you are a republican, I can’t see that these books are that satisfying. For one thing, knowledge never sems to enter in, they are fairly boring logic questions.Also, she never does experiments, she seems mostly a math type. She could have figured out the pairs os shoes in the closet thing by experiment. There’s a web page somewhere trashing Marilyn’s bad answers. I thought it wasn’t quite worth all the effort.Read one or two, you get the idea.
My point: the lady is annoying and relies on her smarts too much.
Cecil can be annoying too, but only if you send in a question that seems to ask for it.

Um … well … let me just say that (apart from the dubious criticism of relying on smarts too much), Cecil is only annoying to the idiots.

I’m not impressed by Marilyn. She tends to throw in answers based on personal bias and opinions. Besides, she gives off the impression that you just need to be dumb when there’s an intelligent person out there to answer all questions for you.

Cecil takes the other direction: he explains stuff. After all, it’s the process of answering the question which makes us more learned, not just the simple answer.

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Marilyn is Wrong!


Anyone who thinks “listed in the Guiness Book of World Records under Highest IQ” means something should get about 40 points docked from their IQ score anyway.
– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon

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Oh, I guess I did, this is the old one, there is a much newer Marilyn vos savant topic.

Cecil. Though there’s a lack of defining pictures, he probably has more muscle mass, and he’s definitely more vicious.