Marilyn, My Marilyn

I’m as much in favor of fighting ignorance as the next Doper, but someone needs to get out more: link.

He does indeed seem to be “suffering from a Smartest Babe burr in his smarty pants.”

Oh oh oh … I loved this one. Marilyn is stumped by the GRY riddle.

One thing that has always bugged me about that site is its design. He has all the standard legal stuff that should be tucked away in a corner right at the beginning of every page. The questions that he’s addressing are in smaller type than the line where he questions her accuracy i.e,“Sorry, Marilyn” or “Are you sure, Marilyn?” (funny, I don’t think I’ve encountered “Wrong-o, Marilyn”) etc. I can handle an all text page, if it’s formatted correctly.

With the bold heading, the legalese, the summary of the issue he’s addressing, and then another bold heading, I completely lose the summary. I see the legalese and my mind assumes that the rest before the next bold heading is all legalese.


Anyone else having a problem with the website? Like it not loading?

I see it completely the other way. She routinely makes horrorific mistakes and she never acknowledges them. (E.g., she has never apologized for the book she wrote claiming the FLT proof had to be wrong because it used the “wrong” method.)

So this guy is going quite light on her, no doubt for legal reasons.

After her FLT fiasco, no one could possibly think that any person on the planet thinks she’s smart.

Wow twicks, I saw that headline and thought Monroe? Chambers?

Yeah, he does seem a tad obsessed, but look at his name. Sounds like an asian influenced coney island.

You want wasabi with Herb Weiner? :stuck_out_tongue:


Marilyn von Idiot Savant can’t hold a candle to The Perfect Master.

And I have proof:

Number of results on Google for the keywords Cecil Adams and Marilyn vos Savant:

Cecil Adams
( 238 000 results) versus Marilyn vos Savant
( 8 330 results)
The winner is: Cecil Adams

Of course, if you put the names in quotes, you get:

“Cecil Adams”: 13,200 results
“Marilyn vos Savant”: 7,210 results.

Just keepin’ things honest. :wink: The Master still wins by a considerable margin, of course.

That’s a neat site. I’ve never heard of it before.

Marilyn Vos Savant is one of a very select few, the crème of the crème de la crème, who have had their own Dilbert cameo.

Actually, I first thought she was a fictional character created by Dilbert author Scott Adams. Who is actually Cecil’s younger brother who, rather than resigning himself to a life in the shadow of the Illustrious One, conspires to promote ms. Vos Savant as the world’s leading genius. But you already knew that.