Cecilia the singing blob - anyone else remember this?

I have a very dim memory of something I saw on TV as a child in the early-to-mid nineties. It may have been on Sesame Street but I’m not sure. It was a claymation musical number with a blob of clay that had a face, and her name was Cecilia, which figured prominently into the song if I remember correctly. Does anyone know what this was, or if I just dreamed it up? I tried Googling to no avail.

I remember, you were just a little off on the name:

Thank you so much!

That thing persists in being just as terrifying as it was when I was in single digits.

Oh… my god. I haven’t thought about Cecille for at least a decade! Amazing. I love when tiny parts of your childhood that have slipped out of your brain come flooding back.