Help me ID this Sesame Street sketch

Actually, it’s a song/dance number. There is a U-shaped fuzzy thing dancing on a horizontal surface. It does a few tricky moves. Then, a baby U-shaped thing comes along and wants to dance too, but keeps getting in the big one’s way.


Here ya go:

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6 minutes?

Well, it’s Sunday, and Father’s Day…things are bound to be a *bit *slow…

Well, I first reported the post for transfer from general questions to cafe society, then I googled, then i watched some of the video, then I typed my response, then I previewed my post.

Hey, anyway, I didn’t see you come up with the answer. :slight_smile:

I’ll get to it in a few days! :slight_smile:
I’m always impressed how quickly the 'Dope identifies stuff like this.

Since it’s not really made clear at the link, this is a Muppet Show bit, not Sesame Street (they also did it, with less colourful puppets, on Ed Sullivan, but not on Sesame Street). And contrary to the link’s description, it’s called Java, not Jazz.

It’s pre-Muppet Show, pre-Sesame Street. It was originally done in the 60s, I think as part of the Ed Sullivan show.