Cecil's New Book!

. . . I wish. :frowning:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have all the words from my Straight Dope books memorized. I think it is time for us Dopers to start dropping hints to Cecil that we are ready to add to our library. Maybe if we create a title he will write the book.

So let’s hear it. What would you call the new Straight Dope Book?

Yep, I’ve read all of mine like 4 times each or more. My 14 year old has read most of 'em as well, and Demo needs more ummmm, bathroom material. :wink:

In keeping with the running theme of the previous titles I’d have to go with The Straight Dope-Part Five: Cecils’ Revenge or something like that.
And shame on you for getting my hopes up like that, Diane. :slight_smile: I almost jumped out of my chair with glee!

How’s 'bout:

Straight Dope V: Dude, Where’s my Ignorance?

You made me jump too, Diane. How cruel!

What kind of a sick… :: collapsing in tears on my desk :: I saw this thread and thought:

THIS WILL SURELY MAKE MY DAY. :: Crying again ::

I’m currently rereading all of my Straight Dope books for the bazillionth time, because I have to soak my aching back in the tub every night. Nothing beats reading the straight dope when you’re naked and wet.

But enough!

A title?

The Straight Dope V: This Time, It’s Personal (Well, Not Really To All Of You, But Certainly To The People Who Asked The Questions Included)

A slight hijack,

I’ve realized that my favorite Cecil one liner is this:

Some guy writes in and his closing line is: Could it be that I have a brain tumor?

And Cecil answers,

I don’t know about that, but I do know you can’t have a stomach tumor without a stomach.


Nothing much to add, just wanted to say -

Great titles BTW. Now if we could just light a fire under his butt and get him to write another book!

The Straight Dope: More Irreverent than Ever; or, How the Teeming Millions Smote the Trolls.

Son of the Return of the Revenge of the Wrath of the Straight Dope

I also like Cecil’s Revenge. :slight_smile:

Count me among the others who saw the thread title and thought a new book was coming out.


I won’t pretend to speak for Cecil or Ed, but from what I understand, the publisher isn’t real excited about another book at this time because of the back stock of books they currently have in their warehouse. So, if you want to see a new book, buy the old ones! Tell your friends to buy the old ones! Buy more old ones and give them as Arbor Day presents! Whatever, just clear out the warehouse!

Good one Ashtar!

TubaDiva has mentioned in ATMB that before Cecil writes a new book he wants to sell some of the old ones that are piled up in his living room. Talk to your friends and neighbours! Or give them as Christmas presents!

Iff I hadn’tt chekked my post for speling errorz I would have beet Eutyqus55 to the punsh. :frowning:

I just bought my first one-Triump of. I want to get the rest, too.

How about…All Your Ignorance Are Belong To STraight Dope.


Straight Dope 5: Naked Battle of the Celebrity Supermodels!

Why not use that for the title of SD V?


I’m guilty I think of Napster-izing the Straight Dope. I lend my books to all of my friends and then they don’t have to buy them. But a good idea IS to give them as graduation gifts. I bundled up three and gave them to my sister. She treasures them (especially since I highlighted some questions that would be pertinent to her)


I think it should either be called:

Beyond the Valley of the Straight Dope


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