Cedar oil--where to buy?

We ran a piece in our magazine about refinishing a cedar closet, and mentioned that you may need to reapply cedar oil if the scent has greatly diminished.

Now a reader has called us on it–where do you buy cedar oil?

I had seen it referred to quite commonly in the refinishing literature, but have to confess that I’ve never seen a bottle of it anywhere in real life. I assume you can get it at home/hardware stores like Home Depot. Anybody know for sure?

The web is woefully inadequate when it comes to home/building supplies. Stinkin’ Home Depot doesn’t even let you shop on-line yet! The only on-line sources I’ve found have been for small bottles intended for aromatherapy purposes, not woodworking purposes.

Quantities from 1 lb. up are available from Texarome,
I know nothing about this product or the supplier other than what is in their web pages.

If I were looking for this, I would go to the smaller hardware stores and check in the furniture polish and wood finishing sections. They’re more likely to answer questions over the phone as well, especially if it meant cheap advertising.

I found a bunch of places that sell it over the web.But i also found this page.It sounds like if it is to be used care should be taken.

You could buy one or two of the aromatherapy bottles and cut the oil with linseed oil.

Thanks, guys. I finally found what I was looking for in the Woodworking Supply category, naturally. ( http://www.woodcraft.com )

And as per the poison warnings, I believe that is specifically related to cedarLEAF oil, a different substance (not that one would want to chug cedarwood oil, either…). It seems that cedarleaf oil contains thujone, which is the (psycho)active ingredient in absinthe.