Where can I buy lamp oil?

It seems no one sells oil for lamps. Anyone know a source in the U. S. other than mail or online order? Thanks.

Kmart, Walmart, many grocery stores.

Where do you live that they don’t sell lamp oil??

This is for a guy who lives in L. A. He said he tried Target and hardware stores like Osh and Home Despot, I mean, Depot. :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks, and I’ll pass this along. I don’t have oil lamps, but they look cool.

L.A.?? He can’t find lamp oil in L.A.???

When I was there I bought oil in Stater Bros., Vons, convenience stores, and everywhere but the corner crip. He must live in a REALLY depressed area of L.A. that I’m not familiar with, but I will say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in Osh or HD, but I never really looked either. If I’m in HD, the last thing on my mind is lamp oil.

When I was young we used kerosene. That’s probably why we called them kerosene lamps, or lanterns as the case may be.

I buy mine at Wal-Marts; then again, I live in Maine. I know they try to maximize their shelf space for products that sell so it’s very possible they don’t have it in L.A. But, I would try it.

Ace Hardware

Sigh - repeating an eaten post…

That was fun…

Anyway… the “Lampwick Farms” stuff is nice - I think it’s a form of liquid paraffin rather than an oil and it smokes less than true oil or kerosene.

I got a big bottle from Wal-Mart. Candle shops sell it, too.