Ceement pond.

Cute turned up to 11. Literally.

I saw this same exact thing. Not sure how they got there but the mother had a hell of a time getting her babies out of the pool because of the raised edge. To young to fly at the time I guess.

That’s exactly what I saw. Perhaps we’re neighbours? :eek:

Late afternoon yesterday, I saw the mother and half the ducklings get out, and the remaining few were just racing up and down the edge of the pool in a panic, trying to get out. I went down to the pool thinking I’d scoop them out with a pool skimmer but as soon as I put my foot on the deck of the pool the mother came flying out in a fury from nearby low bushes, yelling at me and flapping her wings like mad. Scared the crap out of me.

In the end, I put the skimmer on the edge of the pull step, half submerged in the water and they were able to use it as a ramp to get out.

First thing this morning, the little buggers were back in the pool and have spent most of the day there, paddling around.

The video won’t play for me.

It’s an image. Working as designed. :wink:

Congratulations. You are now the owner/manager of a Federally protected wetland.

You need a ramp. Or a FrogLog!

I guess the chlorine doesn’t bother the ducks?

She sure had a bunch of hatchlings.

Be careful. The ducklings do end up in the intake sometimes. They aren’t the brightest/most well educated about swimming pools.

Very cute though! :smiley:

All you need is a plank of wood (or something else that floats), with one end resting on the edge.

Yes. How are they doing? I had somewhat like that happen to me a couple of years ago,
Mama Duck was quite protective, but they all enjoyed the dog-food left outside for Ella.
Surprisingly, she (The Cutest Dog In The World) didn’t mind and they got along well.

Thanks for the picture. It brought a huge smile to me and made my day.

I check daily and there are still 11 ducklings and the mother duck. I made a ramp of a spare metal closet organizer shelf I had in the garage.

The pool isn’t exclusively mine, it’s part of the townhouse community where I live. So there are limited things I can do to make the accommodations better for them. The pool opens next weekend so I assume the property management office will call the ASPCA to relocate them.

Sorry, but as a licensed civil engineer I am required* to point out that that is not a cement pond, it is a concrete pond. Cement is powdery stuff and by itself does not make very good ponds.

It is a very cute pic though. Carry on.

*Not really