Ducklings saved from a watery grave at sea

And now they’re merrily paddling about in a teacup.

Warning: Major AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-inducing cuteness; may not be safe for diabetics.


Is that a really big teacup or really tiny ducklings? If the latter then that needs a double-squeeeeeeeeeeee! How cute!

That’s got to be a huge teacup. The article says that the ducklings are only a few centimeters tall. That’s one inch. I call bullshit, unless Colibri tells me there is some species of micro duck.

Micro ducks would be cool! They’d make great pets. You could keep them in a hamster cage equipped with a teacup for swimming or maybe a duck terrarium … with a teacup for swimming.

I have just died of cuteness.

I’m not Colibri, but there are fairly small ducks out there.

I can’t find figures for ducklings, but the mallard, your common-or-garden-variety duck, is 55-65 cm long when an adult; the common teal is a bit over half that size, 34-38 cm long as an adult.

An inch isn’t even 3 cen so I think we need to give some lattitude about what they mean by “few.” The mallard duckings I had as a kid were less than 10 cen high when we got them. Isn’t that still “a few”?

And matt_mcl may be right about them being teals. I first thought they were mallard duckings, but the pictures of teal duckings I dug up look almost identical to those of mallards.

On the other hand, there’s no shortage of over-sized tea cups. Some of them hold more than a pint!

OK, I believe you. Here’s an article with a photo of a naturalist holding a Hottentot Teal and two eggs. The eggs are pretty dang small. Maybe she has huge Shaquille O’Neal hands.

I’m right there with you.