Celebrities who you refuse to accept have died

Even though she died about 23 years before I was even born, every time I listen to Patsy Cline, I refuse to believe that she is dead, and that if I wanted to, I’d be able to go see her in concert. Her voice is just too beautiful, too pure, and too moving to be a voice from the grave. In my world, Patsy is out there every night singing, I just know it, she just has to be!

Ok, I’m being a little over the top here, but in some way, are there any celebrities for you whose death is too hard to accept?

Frank Muir

Spalding Grey

Anne Bancroft

Steve Allen. I honestly hoped he would live forever. :frowning:

Ditto for Johnny Carson, Peter Falk, and all of the late Star Trek actors and production people.

Paul McCartney



Harold Ramis.

Jim Henson.

Carl Sagan.

Phil Hartman.

Pete Postlethwaite.

Roger Ebert.

John Entwistle and Keith Moon


Gregory Hines
Luther Vandross
Ray Charles
Redd Foxx
Richard Pryor
JT Walsh
John Candy
Brian Keith
Darren McGavin

Jeremy Brett
Peter O’Toole
Jack Lemmon
Walter Matthau
Ella Fitzgerald

Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone.

Frank Zappa.

Warren Zevon
Joe Strummer
Mark Sandman
Kurt Vonnegut

Those freaks was right when they said he was dead.

John Lennon.
George Harrison.
Roy Orbison.

Neil Armstrong.

Richard Pryor

John Ritter

Townes Van Zandt
Jerry Garcia
Clarence Clemons
Johnny Cash (he’s just had a new album released!)