Celebrities You Hate Without Any Real Justification

The title of the thread is straight forward enough, so i’ll start:

Derek Jeter: I always thought he looked like a smug asshat. Something about his demeanor seems to say “I’m better than you and we both know it.” Has anyone else noticed this for felt this way? I’ve always disliked him for that reason but I like even less now since I’ve found out that my SO used to have a huge crush on him and still gets all dreamy-eyed when talking about him. Supposedly he’s a great guy or whatever (according to my SO at least).

Sam Cassell: Ugly dude. But not in a homely, inoffensive sort of way. He looks like a backstabber. But I don’t mind him nearly as much as Jeter.

Anyone else have unreasonable hate/distaste for certain celebrities?

Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly- particularly the latter. I have a near pathological hatred of both of them; they seem smug, artificial, and their wealth and succcess when weighed against their intelligence and contributions to mankind seem to help negate the probablity of God. Jeff Probst is a not so close third.

Richard Dryfus

Gilber Gottfried

Carrot Top

Sylvestor Stallone

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
Anyone who got their fame via ‘reality’ shows

Two female singers:
Alanis Morrissette

Sheryl Crow
Hatred doesn’t even begin to cover my irrational feelings toward Sheryl Crow.

Every time I hear Alanis’s gaspy singing I start feeling really lightheaded. She needs an inhaler or something.

Definitely Jeter, but that might be brainwashing from living in MA. I’ve heard that people who met him or saw him in public didn’t have their opinion improved.

Antonio Banderas. Can’t stand him.

Peter Boyle, Richard Benjiman and Robert Duvalle. I’m not too fond of James Caan either, but it’s not quite as strong.

Benjiman, Boyle and Caan are pretty much without reason but since I’ve heard Duvalle’s comments on Canada, I’ve got a good reason for him!

Kirsten Dunst. Don’t know why.

I have to fight my loathing of Cristina Ricci because I realize I’m being irrational. You just shouldn’t hate a person because they have a reaaaally high forehead.

We all know women are biologically programmed to feel attraction to smug asshats. :wink: Especially tall, handsome ones who demonstrate physical prowess and don’t talk too much.

For some reason I cannot stand John Stamos. At all, in any way whatsoever.

WOW! I could’ve been the person writing the above. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stand to watch or listen to Sheryl Crow.

Ooh, I see people here who I kinda like.


Whoopi Goldberg – seems like she has an inflated opinion of herself

Anne Heche – opportunistic bitch

Patricia Heaton – I was okay with her until I heard her spouting nonsense about the Schiavo case last week

Bill Maher – not nearly as funny or as smart as he thinks he is, but I think he’s harmless enough

My generation’s movie stars and singers who think and act like they’re legends, like life has nothing else to show them. I don’t “hate” them, but their pomposity is aggravating.

Dennis Miller- I used to think his rants were hysterical, but now I just want to grind a geode in his face whenever he makes that girlish laugh. (It’s not even his politics- it’s him.)

Adam Sandler- just ruins anything he touches in my opinion (though I’ll admit I liked his fight with Bob Barker and his casting of Henry Winkler).

Bill Maher (already mentioned but I’ll take some of that), especially when he interrupts somebody to give his uninformed opinion on a topic.

Kirk Cameron

Jack Nicholson… just can’t stand to watch him attempt to act.

Paris Hilton…do something, anything. Really. Make some contribution for the oxygen you are using.

Ashton Kutcher… I have heard he is really smart (degree from MIT?) but way too sself satisfied and he makes Adam Sandler look like a genius.

Julia Roberts – hated her performance in Michael Collins and was furious that she won an Oscar the same year Ellen Burstyn was nominated for Requiem for a Dream

but mostly I just can’t stand her or her sappy smile

Hey hey, folks - it says “without any real justification.” Don’t give me no stinkin’ reasons, just tell me who you dislike.

I’ve always had an aversion to Laura Bush.

Jennifer gardner.

Celine Dion


Regis Philbin

Glenn Close and it’s sorta her fault.

The first movie I saw her in was The World According to Garp. I despised Jenny in the book and she brought that to life in the movie.

You can give reasons except they can’t be anything substantial, like “he punched a fan and eats babies,” but more along lines of “i don’t like his face.” :slight_smile: