Celebrities you'd like (or not) in real life

Yes, another celebrity thread!

I realize that we usually see famous people in interviews and in settings that are carefully stage-managed. But some people come across much better than others. Bette Midler, for example, is a great spokesperson for herself, while all the Baldwin brothers would be better off if they just stopped talking. Mel Gibson is charming in interviews, while Woody Harrelson seems like exactly the sort of person I’d go out of my way to avoid in real life.

So, based on the limited evidence available, who would you like (or not) in real life?


Drew Carey.

I read in “Entertainment Weekly” that he’s the nicest guy around.

Also Mark Hamill, because all Star Wars geeks want to meet Mark Hamill some day.

Jennifer Lopez (yeah, so she’s good looking, but she’s funny and all, too)
Vince McMahon
Drew Carey
Ditto on Mark Hamill
I would say George Lucas, but he always seems so annoying in interviews
Cecil (duh)

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Could someone arrange for me to meet Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy)?

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I think Richard Simmons would be just as irritating in real life as on tv.
I think Conan OBrien would be nice.

Sandra Bullock. She just seem to be having too much fun whenever I see her in an interview or on the late night talk shows.

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Word is that he’s a jerk. Those who knew him in the pre-Star Wars days say that when he became famous he became arrogant and stopped associating with anybody who wasn’t also famous.


Sean Connery.

Alice Cooper (gotta love that twisted mind…<G>)

Gillian Anderson (I just have the feeling that she would be a BLAST to hang out with)

Tim Curry (corset not required, but…)

John Glenn

(Senator) Bill(?) Nighthorse Campbell

Willie G. Davidson

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

I would like to meet Jodie Foster. I mean, I’m not going to shoot a President or anything, but she seems so real and down-to-earth. Same for Raymond whoever from Everybody Loves Raymond". I wouldn’t want to hang with anyone who does the “Hollywood Star” thing. T’aint my style.

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Ron Howard. How could anyone not like Opie?


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I’d love to meet Sinéad O’Connor, Laurie Anderson, and of course Brendan Fraser & Sebastian Spence ;D

Stephen Baldwin once interrupted me in the middle of our conversation to ask “Are you insane?” in the manner of a legitimate question–not in response to something far out that I had said. I dunno, it made me laugh. Oh well, he was paying to talk to me so who cares?

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Harrison Ford came to mind as soon as I read the topic. But other than that, nobody jumps out at me.

Do very dead writers count? Because I’ve always thought that I’d get along well with Thoreau. One of my friends said she thought he was the kind of person that she wouldn’t like, which kind of hurt my feelings since I admire him so much and would like to be like him.


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I would love to sit at the feet and absorb the wisdom of Katherine Hepburn. She rocks.

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Stoid!! YES!!! Katharine Hepburn is AWESOME!!

So is Lauren Bacall…

And how can I forget Audrey Hepburn… what class!!!

I saw a Celebrity Crusaders (Animal Planet) featuring Goldie Hawn and she seemed very down-to-earth.

Audrey Hepburn would have intimidated the hell out of me, though…so tiny! So chic! So perfect! Terrifying!

I’ve always thought that Shirley Maclaine would be possibly the most irritating human on earth, but over the last couple of years she’s consistently shown the ability to joke about some of her more irritating beliefs. I think she might be kinda cool, now.

Well, now that she’s been outed as a bona fide celebrity, Flora McFlimsey.

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Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson.

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Jimmy Stewart. I just imagine that he would’ve been a really nice person and have interesting stories to tell.

I wouldn’t want to meet Brad Pitt. He looks like he would stink (literally). The man always looks like he needs to take a bath. And I definitely would run a car over Kathie Lee Gifford. Could anyone be more annoying?