Celebrity Birthdays

ConMan mentioned that his birthday is today (11/23), the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Out of curiosity, I looked up in The Internet Movie Database to see what celebrities had this infamous date as a birthday.

Well, there were plenty of them, but only two (Boris Karloff & George O’Hanlon [“George Jetson”]) that I recognized.

Strangely, on my birthday (10/28) there are several that I recognize: Joaquin (Leaf) Phoenix, Julia Roberts, Andy Richter, Jami Gertz, Daphne Zuniga, Lauren Holly, Bill Gates, Annie Potts, Bruce Jenner, Telma Hopkins, Dennis Franz, Michael Crichton, Jane Alexander, Charlie Daniels, Joan Plowright, and Edith Head.

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I share my birthday, March 13, 1980, with William H. Macey, in 1950, and the planet Pluto (discovery, anyway) in 1930.

My b-day Friday!!!is the same as Rich Little(big wow),tina turner(okay!)…My sons March 16th is the same as Jerry Lewis(yuk),nancy wilson of heart(babe)and anita hoffman(late wife of abbie).

The poster beneath me is not wearing pants!

Well, on the imdb site, I only recognized a few names:
Melvin Van Peebles, Wilt Chamberlain, Taurean Blacque.

The name of Taurean Blacque brought me back to earlier days! I used to watch regularly Hill Street Blues.

On this site: Famous Birthdays I was lucky enough to find Count Basie! It’s always nice to know you share a birthday with a member of the nobility. Anybody for a “Taxi War Dance”?

La franchise ne consiste pas à dire tout ce que l’on pense, mais à penser tout ce que l’on dit.
H. de Livry

My b-day (8/18) is either a day before or a day after President Clintons. Not that it really matters, but kinda interesting anyways.

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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Not many exciting ones on mine… most I have never heard of… December 6th

Ira Gershwin, Agnes Moorhead, Kin/Wil Shriner, Nikolai Batalov, Gunnar Hellstrom

I am me… accept it or not.

Woohooo!!! I share my birthday with Whoopie Goldberg! I knew I lived a charmed life!

once again thanks her mother for having the wisdom to birth me on Nov. 13th

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

I share April 5 with Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy, Gale Storm and Shani Wallis.

I share the year with Geena Davis and Daniel Day-Lewis. Oh, and the Edsel.

November 27th (right after you, orangecakes):

Jimi Hendrix
Bruce Lee
L. Sprague D
Mona Washington (Mrs. Pearce of My Fair Lady)


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I share may 13th with Stevie Wonder and the late People’s Temple Rev. Jim “have some kool-aid” Jones. Gary Cooper died the day I was born.

Feb 14 is also shared by Drew Bledsoe, Gheorghe Muhresan, Hugh Downs, Porsche Lynn(!), Gregory Hines and Matt Groening.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I share an August 26 birthdate with Mother Teresa. Guess that makes me holier than thou!

More interesting was the list of people who died on my birthdate:
Ted Knight
Tex Avery
Charles Lindberg
Lon Chaney

All the cool people croak on 8/26 - make your reservations now!

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Born on my brithday, 7/10:

Arlo Guthrie - 1947
Dad - 1945
Arthur Ashe - 1943
Fred Gwynne - 1926
Jake LaMotta - 1921
David Brinkley - 1920
Carl Orff - 1895

Died on my birthday:
Mel Blanc - 1989
Arthur Fielder - 1979

“Well, walk it off! And next time, stretch before you ovulate.” – Al Bundy

November 9th: Hedy Lamarr, Dorothy Dandridge, Carl Sagan, Lou Ferrigno.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, dogs are from Pluto.

May 9th:

Billy Joel, Candice Bergen, Albert Finney, J. M. Barrie, and a great many people whose names I don’t even vaguely recognize.

I see that Brad Pitt and I have more in common that our good looks! (December 18)

In search of the eternal buzz . . .

People who share my birthday (12/10):
Emily Dickenson
Melvil Dewey
Kenneth Branagh

Alfred Nobel

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on this day, so the Amnesty International members never wish me a happy birthday.

WhooHooo! I share my birthday with PurpleCrackwhore! Happy Belated, PCW!

krish Happy Birthday (in advance).

an Amnesty International member

Chronologically (since that format let’s me get next to the last one):

Tchaikovsky, Gabby Hayes, Gary Cooper, Anne Baxter, beatle, Traci Lords