What famous people were born on your birthday?

This site is jam-packed with historical data for every day in the year! Go and look up your birthday and see who you get!

I discovered I share my birthday (September 14) with such luminaries as
–Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim (the alchemist who inspired Victor Frankenstein)
–Franz Josef Haydn
–Jacobo Arbenz (Guatemalan leader overthrown by the CIA)
Chekov from Star Trek!
–Bowser from Sha Na Na.
–Mary Crosby was born on the same day in the same year as me.

And “Hey Jude” was released on my birthday.
How 'bout y’all?

Well, i knew about Asimov, but they did not list Admiral Canaris.

Carry Nation, Amy Grant, JFK Junion, and Christina Applegate. Amy and JFK were born on the actual day I was, woo hoo.

Very cool. For birthday cards I send folks a link to the AP site. This site’s better.

-Casey Casem (top 40), Jack Klugman, Judy Carne, Ace Frehley, Kate Pierson (B-52’s), Sheena Easton, Samuel Morse, and my favorite: U.S. Grant.

I like Grant, and every year I ask for his picture. My favorite is the splendid engraving of him that the US Treasury offers, on the $50 bill. So far my joke has fallen flat–no takers. One year as a joke my brother gave me a postcard with Grant’s Tomb. Very funny.

Michael Douglas AND Catherine Zeta Jones were born on my birthday, September 25th. As was Will Smith.

In fact, I hear there’s an exclusive club in NYC started by five or so celebrities born on September 25th, and it’s called the 925 Club. If you hav ea degree of fame and are born on this day, you can become a member!

so, if I can just publish this novel…i’ll be on easy street, hobnobbing with the elite! I’ll write back with a report as soon as I get there. ::i don’t know how to make the sarcastic, eye rolling smilie, but be assured, I’d put it right here::


It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that I share a birthday with Dr. Seuss :slight_smile:

Also: Mikhail S Gorbachev
Tom Wolfe
John Irving
Lou Reed
Eddie Money
Jon Bon Jovi

I share mine with Nelson Mandela

For myself and all the other Christmas babies…

4 -BC- Jesus of Nazareth, religious leader/philosopher (est date)
Isaac Newton
Pius VI, [Giovanni A Braschi
Clara Barton
Conrad Hilton
Ropert L Ripley(Believe It or Not)
Humphrey Bogart
Cab Calloway
Anwar el-Sadat
Jimmy Buffett
Larry Csonka
Sissy Spacek
Annie Lennox

Cool! - k.d. lang and My Favorite Martian -aka Ray Walston.

Not so cool! Ricky Martin, though I take a certain ironic anti-cool glee in the Menudo connection.

Also on my birthday - The Edith Bunker character died on All In The Family.

Unfortunately, the sight is woefully incomplete. There was no birthday mention of Falcon, Olentzero, or BunnyGirl.

The only person on my list with a name I have heard before is Primo Levi, which is not fabulously exciting, although probably better than the other celebrity that always comes up, Don Knotts (although he was not on this website).

If fictional people count, I am much more pleased that Harry Potter and I share a birthday.

Famous people born on my birthday:
1841 - King Edward VII of England
1915 - Hedy Lamarr (not Hedley.)
1915 - Sargent Shriver, Dem VP candidate (interesting, since Shriver is my last name)
1918 - Florence Chadwick, Channel Swimmer
1918 - Spiro Agnew, Vice-President
1923 - Dorothy Dandridge, actress/singer/dancer
1934 - Carl Sagan
1952 - Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk
1969 - Pepa, of Salt ‘n’ Pepa

Events on my birthday:
1953 - Dylan Thomas, poet , dies in NY at 39 after drinking 17 straight shots of whiskey
1974 - The song Kung Fu Fighting is released by Carl Douglas
1989 - East Berlin opens its borders

I didn’t check the site, but I only know of one, and that’s enough for me.

October 9th - John Lennon

Well the best one is Nicole Kidman!! that would be June 21. But then again I get Kip Winger. and I always forget Price Charles. :rolleyes:

The only one on the list I recognize is Pete Rose.

I also know that Sarah Michelle Gellar was born the exact same day as me (4/14/1977) but she’s not on the list. Same year and everything. Maybe we’re fraternal twins separated at birth. I’m probably on the same level as far as looks go :slight_smile:

Neil Diamond
Natasha Kinski
Mary Lou Retton
Oral Roberts
Ernest Borgnine
Maria Tallchief
Emperor Hadrian

Ones I found interesting for May 9th:

1800 John Brown, abolitionist; led attack on Harpers Ferry

1824 William Edmonson “Grumble” Jones, Brig General (Confederate Army)

1860 James Matthew Barrie, Scotland, novelist (Margaret Ogilvy, Peter Pan)

1873 Howard Carter, British archaeologist (found King Tutankhamen’s tomb)

1906 Eleanor Estes, author (Ginger Pye, Moffats)

1913 John Hayes, Admiral

1918 Mike Wallace, Brookline Mass, newscaster (Biography, 60 Minutes)

1920 Richard Adams, author (Day Gone By)

1932 Geraldine McEwan, actress (Henry V)

1936 Albert Finney, UK, actor (Dresser, Under the Volcano)

1936 Glenda Jackson, Cheshire England, actress (Women in Love)

1940 James L Brooks, producer/director (Broadcast News, Taxi)

1942 John D Ashcroft, (Gov-MO)

1946 Candice Bergen, Beverly Hills, actr (Carnal Knowledge, Murphy Brown)

1949 Billy Joel, Bronx, singer (Pianoman, Capt Jack, Bridge)

1949 Oleg Yuriyevich Atkov, Russia, cosmonaut (Soyuz T-10)

1955 Kevin Peter Hall, Pitts Pa, actor (Misfits of Science)
RIP - Interesting point for this actor is that he was in the suits for both “Harry and the Hendersons” and “Predator.” A rather unique resume.

Some other Groundhogs:

James Joyce
Ayn Rand
Stan Getz
Farrah Fawcett and Christie Brinkley
Also one of the other Menudo guys :frowning:

Nobody from the same year as me though. I guess they didn’t want to invite comparisons.

GOOD LORD Joseph, don’t forget one of the sexiest men alive…David Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode was born on May 9th! :smiley:

KIP WINGER! how dare you put a sarcastic smile after that ballet dancing, scruff havin’, hard rockin’, hair growin’ heartthrob? :smiley:


Charlemagne, Marvin Gaye AND Rodney King!

Good to know I’m in good company!

Brian Eno
Tori Spelling
Ahmet Zappa