Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, okay, I know, these attention-whore threads are pathetic and annoying. I don’t care! It’s my birthday, and I wantsssss it!

I really wanted to go out to dinner with my stepsister and her boyfriend tonight, but he got a good deal on Red Sox tickets for tonight, and everyone knows that going to a Red Sox game trumps a birthday dinner. I’m going to dinner with a good friend of mine and his cousin, instead. I’m still disappointed that I won’t get to have dinner with my stepsis and her bf, though, which really doesn’t make any sense, since the three of us live together and I have dinner with them at least a few nights a week.

Oh, and if there are any fates, gods or goddesses who are listening and inclined to give me a birthday present, I’d like a job please. And a boyfriend. crosses fingers

Happy Birthday! It seems we share the same birthday, too.

You were both both three days too late. All the good ones are born on Sept. 23. I should know!

I don’t think the borthday threads are pathetic at all. Why not share? And happy birthday!

Sorry, majority rules. Sept. 26 is the best! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, 'Mika. I’m just very insecure about calling attention to myself or my accomplishments. Glad to know I’m in the clear! :slight_smile:

Hey, September 26th is chock full o’ noteworthy events and people. To whit:

  • 1580: Sir Francis Drake successfully circumnavigates the globe
  • 1774: Perhaps the first American environmentalist, Johnny Appleseed, is born
  • 1789: Thomas Jefferson is appointed first United States Secretary of State
  • 1888: Writer and Nobel Prize laureate T.S. Eliot is born
  • 1898: Classical composer George Gershwin is born
  • 1914: Fitness advocate and juice fanatic Jack LaLanne is born
  • 1948: Olivia Newton-John gets physical by being born
  • 1956: Sarah Connor – er, I mean, Linda Hamilton is born
  • 1957: West Side Story opens on Broadway
  • 1961: Bob Dylan makes his public debut
  • 1969: The Beatles’ Abbey Road is released in the UK
  • 1971: I was born, subsequently bringing about world peace for approximately three seconds
  • 1983: Stanislav Petrov averts a nuclear world war when he recognized their computerized early warning system’s report of a US missile launch was erroneous

So nyah.

Oh, wow, that’s interesting! My (real) name is Abby.

Also, they left off one of the most important Sept. 26 birthdays: Shamu the whale! (b. 9/26/85)

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life! :slight_smile:

Well which ONE do you want? You can’t have both… So… you want a bf or a job?.

If the fates will grant me a boyfriend, I’ll find a job on my own.

Happy Birthday The Weird One and Mindfield.

TWO may the fates grant you a rich boyfriend. How’s that? :smiley:


Bunch of greedy women you all are… Wanting a rich boyfriend to pamper you, take care of you, and treat you like royalty…

Good luck :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday all (present and past)! Today belongs to my Daddy as well… he’s seen 71 thus far. :slight_smile: Much love to him too.

Happy birthday! Everyone knows that people born in September are just in general superior to you non-Septemberians. (born Sept. 29, 1984!)


Hope the new year brings both a job and a new boyfriend, TWO!!!

And all the best to you, too, Mindfield!



Happy birthday to you, Weird One this is the absolute best day to have been born. I know that because it happened to me (too many decades ago).

I think you meant five days too late … September 21 is really the best birthday to have. :wink:

(Stephen King, Bill Murray, Ricki Lake, Rob Morrow, Faith Hill, Luke Wilson, and Nicole Richie agree with me!)

As do I…

Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted. Happy Birthday to someone else!