Celebrity Death Pool 2016

I’ve had her on my list for months. I should have known my fellow ghouls would be paying attention.

Take note, Andrew21, that is a full list.

Roky Erickson
Andrés Galarraga
Valerie Harper
Peter Criss
Tony Iommi
Slim Dunlap
Lance Armstrong
Melvin Wayne Osmond
Scott Stapp
Lenny Dykstra
Gino Odjick
Nancy Reagan

Rob Ford
Carrie Fisher

That will be a full list if they all survive until January 1.

Just pick thirteen that actually did something besides survive to great age. Try Douglas Slocombe, or Katsumi Tesuka.

I’m not picking centenarians this year; I want points.

Good man.

Many thanks to Baker for continuing to do this!

  1. Fidel Castro, b. August 13, 1926. Dictator.
  2. Valerie Harper, b. August 22, 1939. Actress.
  3. Stephen Hawking, b. January 8, 1942. Physicist.
  4. Muhammad Ali, b. January 17, 1942. Boxer.
  5. Roy Horn, b. October 3, 1944. Magician.
  6. Randy Neugebauer, b. December 24, 1949. Politician.
  7. Ayman al-Zawahiri, b. June 19, 1951. Emir.
  8. Ron Jeremy, b. March 12, 1953. Actor.
  9. Randy Travis, b. May 4, 1959. Musician.
  10. Artie Lange, b. October 11, 1967. Comedian.
  11. Joey Feek, b. September 7, 1975. Musician.
  12. Kim Jong-un, b. January 8, 1983. Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.
  13. Lauren Potter, b. May 10, 1990. White House advisor.

Admittedly kind of lame hopping on the Feek bandwagon but maybe my doing so will bring her a miraculous recovery.

Alt1. Elwood Edwards, b. November 6, 1949. Voice actor.
Alt2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, b. March 15, 1933. Supreme Court justice.
Alt3. Darren Daulton, b. January 3, 1962. Baseball player.
Plain text version:

Fidel Castro
Valerie Harper
Stephen Hawking
Muhammad Ali
Roy Horn
Randy Neugebauer
Ayman al-Zawahiri
Ron Jeremy
Randy Travis
Artie Lange
Joey Feek
Kim Jong-un
Lauren Potter

Elwood Edwards
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Darren Daulton

Niall Horan
Liam Payne
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson
Wheeler Baker
Geno Crandall
Corey Baldwin
Dustin Hobaugh
Bryce Cashman
Josh Collins
Shane Benton
James Richman
Drick Bernstine

Basically guessing that either One Direction or the University of North Dakota basketball team is gonna hit some airplane trouble this year.

Substitution time.

He’s worth fewer points but a higher chance of success. Substituting Dick Van Dyke for Johnny Depp. Of course, this now means he will live another 20 years… :frowning:

The new list:

George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Lindsay Lohan
Queen Elizabeth
Olivia de Havilland
Jimmy Carter
Muhammad Ali
Angela Lansbury
Dick Van Dyke
Tom Selleck
Judi Dench
William Shatner
Charles Osgood

Pope Francis
Vladimir Putin

Might as well jump in.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
George H.W. Bush
Amanda Bynes
Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter
Tommy Chong
Joey Feek
Leo Gallagher
Steve Gleason
Hugh Hefner
Val Kilmer
Hosni Mubarak
Thien “Tila Tequila” Nguyen
Jerry Sandusky

Jimmy Carter
Gordie Howe
Ayman al-Zawahiri

If there’s anyone out there who figures they aren’t going to get many points anyway, but figures ‘most unique picks’ would be an attainable goal, you’ve certainly shown the way!

See [post=33]smithsb[/post]

No change. Below are the real names of the rappers. Your choice to use.

Keith Cozart
Juaquin James Malphurs
Quincey Matthew Hanley
Tyrone William Griffin, Jr.
Aaron Dontez Yates
Bryan Williams
Jeffrey Lamar Williams,
Terrence Thornton
Horst Christian Simco
Ackquille Jean Pollard
Olubowale Victor Akintimehin
Anerae Veshaughn Brown
Charly Wingate

Christopher Lynn Moore
Moses Michael Levi
Tab Virgil, Jr.

If they are better known by their “professional” names those are the ones I’ll use. But if one of them gains you points, it would help to give a heads up.

Second year submission after getting -0- points for 2015 (so far)

Jared Fogle
Rikki Rocket
Artie Lang
Joey Feek
Ringo Starr
Pope Benedict
Suge Knight
Lil Wayne
Jerry Stiller
Bashar al-Assad
Steve Jones
Travis Barker
Nick Stahl

Donald Trump
Randy Travis
Josh Duggar

(Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols if there’s any question)

Finally getting around to getting my list put together. Mostly the same as last year’s list, but it took me this long to decide whether to take Jimmy Carter off my list or leave him on. :wink: Also, jumping on the Joey Feek bandwagon (is it getting crowded on here?)

Abe Vigoda
Kirk Douglas
Valerie Harper
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Stephen Hawking
Jimmy Carter
Rosalynn Carter
Nancy Reagan
Robert Mugabe
Carl Kassel
Tom Brokaw
Joey Feek

Michael Douglas
John McCain

Ya know, if I put Joey Feek on my list, I bet all you jumping on the bandwagon would scramble in a hurry to take her off your list. :smiley:

Joey Feek
Nancy Reagan
Barbara Bush
Tony Danza
George H. W. Bush
Valerie Harper
Mary Tyler Moore
Burt Reynolds
Glen Campbell
Keith Richards
Jim Nabors
Alan Alda
Bill Cosby


Loretta Lynn
Aretha Franklin
Pete Rose

Barbara Bush–Mrs. G. H. W. Bush

You could charge money for this, Swampy.

Death Poolers, for the mere pittance of one thousand USD per person, I will not put Joey Feek on my list.

Let’s see if this works.