Celebrity Death Pool 2020

The death of David Stern is not a record for earliest death, it’s more of a tie.

In 2015 we had two deaths on Jan.1, Jeff Golub and Mario Cuomo.

RobotDevilDog and phungi win the Opening Kickoff award! May they enjoy their time in first place.

1 phungi 23 1 0
1 RobotDevilDog 23 1 0

Yeah, I saw that crazy rant before the mods excised rosemurray’s posting history here. You’d asked if it was a joke or a conspiracy theory - guess we found out! :wink:

For those who missed it, this now ex-poster claimed at considerable length that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s been dead since last January, and the Deep State has covered this up with the use of body doubles and stuff.

I thought he was being facetious.

Movie producer David Foster (The Thing, McCabe and Mrs. Miller) dead at 90.

If so, it’s going to affect some of our scores for 2019.

Better hurry - you’ve only got hours left to claim the points from RBG’s death! :smiley:

Sam Wyche https://www.wlwt.com/article/former-bengals-coach-sam-wyche-dead-at-74/30382591

General Qasem Soleimani, the 2nd most powerful man in Iran, discovers what an air strike feels like.


On Dec 23 so no points in 2020.

Australian actor Tom Long has died at 51.
I remember him from The Dish, but he was more well known to most from the Aussie TV series Sea Change.

Lol, I just checked my 2001 list - 4 dead, 9 alive (no alts).
Princess Margaret died 2002, but I didn’t check off the fourth until 2017 (Jerry Lewis).

You need to avoid putting really old people on your list: as others have said, those people have spent decades not dying, and, with all that practice, some of them have gotten quite good at that.

Elizabeth Wurtzul, author of Prozac Nation, has died at age 52.

Former Michigan State football coach George Perles has died at 15 points. Fifteen points that I won’t be getting because I revised him off my list at the last minute in favor of John Lewis.

And here I thought you knew something when I saw him on your list; I never noticed that you took him off for what you decided was low hanging fruit.

Had him on my list last year, after he resigned from the MSU board due to health reasons. Dagnabbit;

John Baldessari, artist

Comedian and writer Buck Henry dies at 89.

Hugo winning science fiction author Mike Resnick - 77.