Celebrity Deathpool 2001

Hawking almost made my list, but I figure that he is, in all reality, an alien life form and will live damn near forever.

Eudora Welty is still alive? My god, that woman was valedictorian with Moses’s graduating class.

I am obviously an idiot who should be mocked for not being able to count.

Here are my last 3:

  1. Arthur Miller
  2. Hugh Hefner
  3. Daryl Strawberry

Here we go…

Michael J. Fox
Muhammad Ali
Dudley Moore
Ronald Reagan
Darryl Strawberry
Keith Richards
Slobodan Milosivic
Yogi Berra
Willie Mays
Ed McMahon
Tony Randall
Bill Murray (obligatory SNL)
Pope John Paul II

I may have missed this - but do you have results from last year? Who won and who they picked? (I realize the year isn’t entirely over - who is ahead?)

My picks for 2001:

  1. Pope
  2. Strom Thurmond
  3. John Goodman
  4. Ronald Reagan
  5. Bob Hope
  6. Johnny Carson
  7. Nancy Reagan
  8. Macaulay Culkin (sp?)
  9. Mohammed Ali
  10. Walter Kronkite
  11. Jack Paar
  12. Gerald Ford
  13. Don Knotts
  14. Liza Minelli
  15. Kathryn Hepburn


David Spade
George Bush (senior)
Vaclav Havel
James Iha
Anne Morrow Lindberg
Gerald Ford
Jerry Springer
Tommy Lasorda
Dr. Dre
David Brinkley
Eric Davis (baseball player)
Fidel Castro
Katherine Hepburn

Okay, here goes:

  1. Dick Cheney
  2. Pope John Paul II
  3. Dudley Moore
  4. Barbara Bush
  5. Nancy Reagan
  6. Jerry Lewis
  7. Bob Hope
  8. Ed McMahon
  9. Michael J. Foxx
  10. Walter Cronkite
  11. Hugh Hefner
  12. Imelda Marcos
  13. Ringo Starr

Why are so many people including David Spade? I thought he was a healthy young man is he sick or something?

Crap, I put down 15 because that’s how many my friends and I are playing with.

Nix Jack Paar and Don Knotts.


  1. SNL curse.
  2. He was almost killed last week by a crazed assistance. Someone’s got his number.
  3. Hi Opal!

Here, Mr. Spade, let me help you carry in those groceries! Oops.


Sorry, Mr. Spade, my fingers slipped…

An update every month and what do I get for it?

Here’s the current totals for Celebrity Deathpool 2000

smug (66 points) - Ian Dury and Charles Schultz
Odieman (48 points) - Tom Landry and Charles Schultz
Jjoe (23 points) - Charles Schultz
StrTrkr777 (23 points) - Charles Schultz
kawliga (21 points) - Walter Matthau
manhattan (20 points) - Cardinal John O’Connor
Shirley Ujest (18 points) - Sir John Gielgud and Alec Guinness

I have nothing to contribute – don’t play dead pools – but for some reason I found this really funny :smiley:

Opal??? I saw the same old ugly mug in the mirror this morning as I shaved, didn’t look like an Opal.

ThisYearsGirl: Jesse Camp was an MTV vj and well, about as lame as they come.

This is sick . . . but strangely fun.

1)Dick Cheney
2)George Carlin
3)Christy Turlington
4)Strom Thurmond (always got a shot)
5)Jesse Helms (one can dream)
6)Stephen King
7)Louie Anderson
8)Kurt Douglas
9)Scott Weiland
10)Ted Nugent (freak gun accident)
11)Bob Dole
12)Yassir Arafat (sp?)
13)Stevie Nicks

Kirk Douglas?

Revision Number 1:

Replace Joan Jett with Dudley Moore.

New List:

  1. Colin Quinn
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  3. Ronald Reagan
  4. Richard Pryor
  5. Eudora Welty
  6. Andy Rooney
  7. Thor Heyerdahl
  8. Bob Dole
  9. Dudley Moore
  10. Stephen Hawking
  11. Arthur Miller
  12. Daryl Strawberry
  13. Hughe Hefner

My picks:

Snoop Doggy Dogg
Robert Downey, Jr.
John Goodman
Ronald Reagan
Pope John Paul II
Keith Richards
Muhammad Ali
Michael J. Fox
Sean Connery (Suck on it, Trebek. Suck it long, and suck it hard.)
Mike Tyson
Dick Cheney
Jackie Chan - I like Sublight’s rationale here
Dan Ackroyd

I leaned towards people with health problems (Dan Aykroyd is really fat) who weren’t TOO old, and mix in a few oldies for some safe points. Better to hit the jackpot with one Mike Tyson than three Bob Hopes.

I really didn’t want to pick Michael J. Fox 'cause I like him, but business is business, and the vultures are circling.

Here’s my picks.

  1. Kirk Douglas
  2. Bill Murray
  3. Mickey Rooney
  4. Dudley Moore
  5. Perry Como
  6. Johnny Cash
  7. Muhammad Ali
  8. Frank Gifford
  9. Kathie Lee Gifford
  10. Ronald Reagan
  11. Annette Funicello
  12. Gary Busey
  13. Ted Kennedy
  1. Katherine Hepburn
  2. James Doohan
  3. Julia Child
  4. Dom DeLuise
  5. Robert Downey, Jr.
  6. Dana Carvey
  7. Tommy Lasorda
  8. Betty Hutton
  9. Victoria Jackson
  10. Bob Hope
  11. Edward Asner
  12. Al Lewis
  13. Carol Channing