Celebrity Named Family & Friends?

I’ve been out of touch with my younger brother for 7 years so I used Google to look him up. Imagine my surprise when I got 99,000 hits for his name! I’m not up on the current music scene but apparently what happened is baby bro has the same name as the frontman for a band called KoRn. Who knew?

Anybody else have a famous-named family member or friend? Has this person taken advantage of their “celebrity” in any way?

Bonus question: Anybody remember the old gameshow “Name’s the Same”? Think they’ll ever bring it back?


My husband’s aunt is Barbara Walters. No, not THAT Barbara Walters.

One of the people I rent a house at the shore with for a week every summer is … Kate Hepburn.

I have a friend named Mike Myers.

Your brother is Jonathan Davis!? insert rabid KoRn smiley

No? Oh. Well, that’s still cool, though. I used to date a guy named James Hendrix. Yeah, he got really tired of the jokes after a while.

My mom’s sister (my aunt) brother in law is named Robert Wagner.

Well, I Googled myself one time and got zip. Nada. Nothing. Then I started trying various combinations of initials and common nick-names (Example, Will for William, etc.). Guess what I got? The author of some book about how to maintain a successful gay relationship.

I have this vision of several past girlfriends doing that and saying to themselves: “See! I KNEW there was nothing wrong with me! It was him all along.”

Ah, the wonders of the internet age…

My scene partner in an acting class my senior year was named Dustin Hoffman. He was worried about what was going to happen once he got out to Hollywood. :smiley:

My stepbrother shares a name with a well-known british music impresario from the 60’s and 70’s with a fondness (and conviction) for paedophilia. Googling him is interesting, to say the least.

And I share the same name with an optometrist in Kansas City. If that’s not famous, I don’t know what famous is.

My former brother-in-law is named Robert Culp.

my best friend has the same name as a local artist who is getting an album or 2 going… in our podunk towns newspaper, all the time

I used to have a landlady named Christine Jorgensen. This was by virtue of the fact that she absent-mindedly took her husband’s name; she got a lot of comments. But she said her maiden name was almost as bad. It was Cross.

I share a name with several recently famous individuals one a producer, one an author. I was breifly tempted to walk into Borders and go exclaim loudly how nicely they had merchandised my book and offer to sign copies for anyone who notices.

I forgot - I have a distant relative…I think it’s my father’s cousin? - who is married to a guy named Roy Clark.

Yeah, that’s him. But he’s much more handsome.

“You’re the Zaphod Beeblebrox?”
“No, I’m a Zaphod Beeblebrox. Haven’t you heard? We come in six packs now!”

I’ve met a chauffer, a gym instructor, a business manager, and most recently an oil tank removal guy, all with the wonderful name of Michael Jackson. Poor people.

I also know a Lisa Simpson who plays the saxophone.

I work with Steve Martin and Jackie Gleason. I went to college with Kent Clark, and we called him (sorry, but it’s true) “Man Super.”

My niece is named Elizabeth Hurley.

I knew a Céline Dion… who was a couple years younger than the singer. People kept asking her if she was named after the staaaaar…

… even though Dion would have been 5 or 6 when my acquaintance was born…

How annoying!

I work with a Michael Jackson as well, poor guy.

In the not famous but very cool category, my widowed Aunt Myrtle married a widower named Sam Beech. Guess where they honeymooned? :smiley: