Celebrity Portmanteaus

A friend of mine is attending a dinner party where everyone has to be costumed as a celebrity portmanteau. So far, she’s come up with Ray Lewis Carroll and Lil Wayne Gretzky. I figured you guys would have fun coming up with some other suggestions for her. I’m having a hard time with female examples–the best I could come up with was Steve McQueen Latifah.

Have at it!

Ray Charles Barkely

A friend came to my Halloween party as Siddhartha Ashe.

(I know that’s not female)

LaToya Jackson Pollock

OthellO Prah Winfrey.

Atilla the Honey Boo Boo

Meg Ryan Reynolds

Dorothy Parker Posey, Dorothy Parker Stevenson

Halle Berry Gordy

David Keith David
Percy Shelley Winters
Kirstie Alley Oop
Mister Ed McMahon
Rick James Stewart
Jesse James Brown

Amanda Blake Lively
Ashley Judd Nelson
Carmen Miranda Hobbes
Courtney Love Hewitt
Heather Graham Chapman
Kirk Cameron Diaz
Minka Kelly Clarkson
Pamela Anderson Cooper
Sarah Jessica Parker Posey
Shannon Elizabeth Taylor
Tracy Morgan Fox

RuPaul Reiser

gary coleman hawkins

Minnie Pearl Bailey

PeeWee Herman Goering
Dexter Gordon Liddy
Robert Montgomery Clift
Sandy Dennis Quaid
Chris Rock Hudson
Tom Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bill Murray Head

Bruce Lee Meriwether

I don’t know what literary term you are talking about, but it ain’t portmanteau,
which refers to one word formed by the combination of two or more other words.

“Gerrymander” is a classic portmanteau.

Lucy Ricardo Montalbon

Bruce Wayne Gretzky

Walter Peyton Manning

Martha Stuart Little

Elizabeth Taylor Swift

Supermanny Pacquiao

Kunilou-Walter’s last name was Payton, Manning’s 1st name is Peyton.

And Matha’s last name is Stewart. So sue me.

Emmylou Ferrigno